Sunday, January 6, 2019

Epiphany traditions.

We have no idea whether the gilet jaune protesters will be blocking the roads today. Just in case we're out early. It's cold but without the heavy frost that's been coating the grass for the last few mornings. Loic has been coming twice a week to collect up the leaves but the trees are now completely bare. He'll go back to coming once a week .

Sophie strides ahead. Usually she trails behind her brother but these brisk mornings stir something in her DNA and she races along. Alternatively it could simply be that she walks quickly to compensate for the cold ground under her paws. The sides of the little lane are carpeted in pollen from the plane trees. This quickly covers the PONs legs.

There is a moment of chaos as we head off to the bakers. Bob has decided to make himself comfortable in the back of the car. His front paws are in 'her' spot. Sophie makes her displeasure plain by throwing her head back and howling. People who think dogs only 'bark' fail to comprehend the richness of canine language. The PON dialect is particularly rich in nuance. Sophie's communication skills are in a league of their own.

The pretty girl who serves behind the counter at the bakers brings us not one but two croissants. Double helpings of the curly ends make this a great day for Bob and Sophie. Todays croissants are as near perfect as one could find this side of Paris  - light, fluffy and with that hint of sweetness to the dough.

The last of the Christmas rituals. Gallettes de Rois for sale. A commemoration of the three wise men that survives amid 21st century bustle. Madame Bay will eat her Gallette with champagne. The Old Farmer and the Belgian Lady will wash theirs down with cider. The person lucky enough to find the 'feve' in their piece of cake will wear the crown.  

Seems the TSA will be hiring more floppy eared dogs :


Poppy Q said...

A great croissant day!! 2 servings of perfection.

WFT Nobby said...

What about a piece of Gallette de Rois for the PONs today?
Bertie wants you to know he has just posted his sniffer dog application to the TSA.

Susan said...

I'll be making my own galette des rois later today. Usually I manage to forget to put the feve in.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...a variation on the sixpence in the Christmas pud? YAM xx

Taste of France said...

Considering TSA personnel aren't getting paid, dogs may be the only alternative.

Camille said...

Pointy eared Pip takes great offense with the TSA's floppy ear tactics. But at 15lbs and only 5 inches off the ground, she may be missing the point. However, she is completely on board with a TWO croissant morning.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

Your first two pictures are gorgeous. So happy Bob and Sophie have been playing with Loic two times a week! Maybe Sophie walks faster on brisk mornings to warm up the titanium hardware in her legs. Two croissants may be the beginning to another “ best day ever “! Our city has recently acquired a blood hound named Tracker, to their Police force. Talk about long ears !?!?