Tuesday, January 22, 2019


The ladies from the Women's Cooperative arrive. They are all dressed in identical duck egg blue bib overalls. Angus thinks of commenting on this uniformity but decides against it. The lady who chews tobacco has a new hairstyle. She's taking to wearing her hair shaved at the sides with what I believe is a 'mullet' running across the top.  Valuing his life Angus doesn't consider commenting on this.

Aude, the bipolar decaratrice who has lengthy and animated conversations with herself, has brought biscuits. This simple act of generosity means that Aude is treated with great reverence.

Logic might suggest that the gang would decorate one room at a time. Not a bit of it. They are adherents of the 'lets do a little bit in every room we're going to be working in' style. The tall thin one with the beehive hairdo fills in imperfections in the walls. The mulleted lady puts plastic sheeting on the floor, Aude mixes wallpaper glue and two others stand outside the front door smoking and chatting into their mobile phones. They have forgotten the wallpapering table so they all go at eleven to pick it up.

They return at three. There is a delay in starting work while Sophie is separated from a tub of wallpaper paste.The lady with the beehive hairdo breaks the thermostat on the office radiator. It starts to leak.  The ladies finish at five thirty. Aude will be here tomorrow. The others have an urgent job fitting carpets. They promise to be back en masse on Wednesday. 'The Font' puts a tin can under the radiator to collect the drips. We go looking for the Polish plumbers.

Outside the first of the blossom. The arctic weather is due to arrive tonight.

Venus and Jupiter glowing in the sky this morning. https://earthsky.org/todays-image/photos-venus-jupiter-morning-sky-january-2019


WFT Nobby said...

I look forward to reading about an encounter between the women's co-op decorators and the Polish plumbers. One suspects a collision of world views...?

Angus said...

That might sum it up.

Taste of France said...

I noticed Venus and Jupiter this morning, but had no idea what I was looking at. Thank you. I thought it was still Venus and Mercury from days ago.
Might the hairdo be a mohawk?
Re Polish plumbers encountering the ladies' decorating co-op, it could be beneficial that the plumbers don't speak French.

Angus said...

Thank you. It's a mohawk.

Poppy Q said...

Gosh I'm thinking the decorating will take ages. I'd be buying lots more to drink in the evenings once they've gone home.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Having sat through the previous night, couldn't quite shift myself to attempt the conjuction viewing this morning - not that it would have been visible through the snowfall, mind. It's okay though, I got a couple of shots of the pair of them last week and there's always tomorrow morning. YAM xx

Emm said...

Good thing you laid in the bargain Pomerol a while back. You may yet need it for the decorating.
Your last line of the radiator story is, as they say in the word biz, a terrific kicker. LOL and all that.

Pam in NH said...

Looks like another beautiful bedroom to swoon over....love the Font's taste. Looks like all the spaces are large at the ROF. Sophie: "Yum....wheat paste!"