Sunday, January 27, 2019

The cat on the motor home roof.

The Old Farmer has replaced the brake shoes on the venerable Ford Transit motor home. He takes it out for test drive and heads slowly down the lane with a large black cat sitting contentedly on the roof.

The usual morning bedlam at The Rickety Old Farmhouse. Bob gets in the car. His sister follows. Sophie is not at all happy that her big brother is taking up so much space. He gets out. Then he gets back in again. Sophie makes it clear she thinks he's an oaf. He sits on her. His face has an air of quiet resignation.

The bakers display restricted in its offerings. This may be because we're early and the baker is still hard at work in the kitchen. His wife continues to swell. Another little baker is well on the way. She is in one of her 'moods' this morning. Our transaction conducted in near total silence.

At the greengrocers the girl with the artistic temperament has been hard at work with the aloe fronds.

The largest leeks I've ever seen make an appearance. They are sold in 2.5 kilo bundles which hints at the French having a surprising passion for leeks.

The Newseum in DC is to close :


Poppy Q said...

Ohhh leek and potato soup is one of my favorites. I think the eclairs look nice today - you can seldom go wrong with an eclair.

Poor Sophie - constantly tormented by her brother. Her expression says it all.

Emm said...

The small fruit tarts look pretty good, but those blah-colored eclairs do not grab my taste buds.
That is sad and horrible about the Newseum -- now, more than ever, we need ways for people to learn their history. And there was yet another round of devastating layoffs earlier this week, times are tough in the news biz.

Yamini MacLean said...

hari Om
I too immediately thought of leek and tattie soup - and lots of it! I am unable to take onion or garlic, but leeks? Mmmmmmmmm. YAM xx

liparifam said...

I made leek and potato soup just last night, LOL! Love the mental picture of the traveling kitty :) So sad to hear about the closing of the Newseum - I really enjoyed my visit there...

Emm said...

I just noticed today's title. Where is Tennessee Williams when we really need him?

Judith said...

Probably smiling at the reference just as we are.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I can just see that cat sitting there on the roof of the motor home, wondering what to do next!

Of course I heard about the Newseum. I've never gone there, have you?