Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rather sophisticated.

The Turbot recipe was easy. Finding Salmon eggs on a New Years Eve in deepest, deepest France profonde - decidedly  less so.

Up early and into the little market town. It is completely  deserted. More and more stores giving up the fight against the out of town shopping centre and closing. We wander into the Abbey to look at the crib. It is a horrid, garish affair.

Much more interesting is the fifteenth century carving of The Flight into Egypt. It's brightly lit and casts shadows which make the six hundred year old wooden figures look as though they're alive and just trotting along in the sunshine.

On our way back to The Rickety Old Farmhouse a search for a bakers that's open. All our usual haunts closed for the New Year holiday. We finally find one that's open and which has a sophisticated dark chocolate and raspberry tart on display.

On the other side of the road a rather sad looking Japanese restaurant. It's hard to believe that the conservative inhabitants of the little market town have a love for Japanese food. 

Bob is doing his best to cope with all the household activity.

Thought I'd heard every version of this song  :

This is rather touching. To boldly go ...


Poppy Q said...

That is what annoys me about recipe books is such ingredients. Salmon eggs - really. Baked sweet potato with guacamole for dinner here tonight - nothing fancy.

Anonymous said...

Reminder note to ANGUS from the Westcoast of Canada: A bit of nagging here, I admit - but please resolve in this New Year to try the exquisite
CANNELE pastries (Bordeaux specialty) which I see six of in your pastry photo........just waiting to be taken to the R.O.F. for all to taste! They are very difficult to prepare, with many steps to the grand finale. These in today's photo look just right. Happy New Year to all! BOB.......soon the house will be devoid of guests, and normalcy shall return......until then, soldier on.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Fabulous 'mash' of Grace! Tambaugh tumbling past Pluto has something of grace about it also... YAM xx

Taste of France said...

Even in France profonde, people like to eat something "exotic" from time to time. As long as it isn't spicy.
I'm surprised about the salmon roe, which seems a common enough garnish for a supermarket that carries lychees, Starbucks, blue Spanish wine and other delicacies.
My favorite version of Amazing Grace is Obama's.

Emm said...

How is Sophie coping with visitors? Or is she more interested in kitchen goings-on.