Sunday, December 29, 2019

Disappearing privet.

Overnight someone has cut down the privet hedge belonging to the man with anger management issues. What was a nine foot high screen of trees now reduced to a three foot high row of stumps. The branches neatly piled up on one side of the lane. I fear the altercation with the builder has moved a festive step higher. The man with anger management issues has not yet returned home after his Christmas break and has yet to discover what's happened. 

At dinner  last night Sophie looked shaggy. This morning she looks as if she's been on a three week cross country adventure. PONs are not low maintenance dogs. Angus wonders what sort of life the fluffy PONs you see at dog shows live. Presumably one far away from mud, twigs, owl kill and anything else that might adhere to fur.

In the supermarket a display of lemon juice in plastic lemon shaped containers. I'd thought these had died out in the 1970's. Seems they're making a comeback ... if they had indeed ever gone.

A quick trip to the garden centre.

After loading the plants in the back they have to be unloaded. No way the family princess is going to squeeze in alongside them.

At the greengrocers the largest avocado I've ever see, They are sold not by the piece but by the kilo. 

Amazing. How whales sleep :

I'd never thought of this as a carol - but of course it is :


WFT Nobby said...

The scene is set for privet-related drama in the New Year!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh my... hedge wars!!! YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear - so much for a peaceful start to the New Year in your little village!
We think Sophie is aiming for the casually dishevelled look.

Poppy Q said...

Sophie - I feel your pain. I too suffer the same fate, no matter how much I brush and style my hair, it just settles back into its beachy just had a nap style within minutes.

I bought lime in a bottle today, as I wanted to make guacamole, but all the limes were sold out. I guess all the bars are stocking up for New Years eve.


Sheila said...

Surely someone must have been aware of the commotion as the hedge was being taken down. A ten foot privet is apt to have fairly thick trunks, requiring perhaps the use of a chain saw. What a rotten deed.

Wondering where that avocado came from. Here in Texas ours are from Mexico primarily, but never anything that large.

catherine said...

Angus, please do keep us updated on the Privet war!!