Thursday, December 12, 2019


Sophie starts her day with a shriek. This is of the ' I need to go out NOW !!' variety. Some mornings the shriek is at 6:35, others at 6:40. This morning it's at 6:43 and coincides with a tractor rolling along the lane.

To make sure I've got the message that it's time to get the day started Sophie scurries upstairs and stares at me as I lace up my shoes. 

The family PONette finds something intriguing under a hall chair. Whatever it is commands her total attention.Our departure is delayed while she determines whether the find is , or isn't , edible. Turns out to be a small stone. Better luck tomorrow ?

We head off along the lane at high speed, stopping en route to say hello to the geese, the goats, the donkeys and the horses. Sophie stands in front of me when greeting the geese, goats and donkeys but she moves to a safer position behind my legs as we pass the horses. Horse greeting was something her big brother used to do and she's not entirely convinced it's a good idea.

At the supermarket the decorative Santas are in chic grey. Don't think I've ever seen grey clad Santas before.  Angus conjures up an image of a Hanjing Christmas decoration factory that has had a shipment of grey material sent to it by mistake .

The supermarket also has blue wine. Bottled in Spain. 'The Blue Eyes of Lola'. There can be little doubting this appeals to a wine demographic other than Angus. Presumably it's white wine dyed. What would you drink it with ?

There's something very 1950's retro and minimalist about Christmas Song 9 although the RUP-A-PUM-PUM at the 2:30 mark is not of the Bing Crosby era nor something your grandmother would have approved of:


  1. Blue wine and grey Santas. Whatever next? A pink croissant?

  2. Poor Sophie - not even an illicit morsel under the chair. Perhaps she'll have better luck after Santa (hopefully not clad in grey) has been to visit ROF?
    Blue wine - it looks like methylated spirits! Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but that truly is a dreadful Christmas display, with the grey Santa's and badly decorated Christmas trees. Whoever said that the French had flair in all things?

  3. The Doctor I work for got a bottle of blue wine as a holiday gift from a patient last week - I'll add that he's Muslim and doesn't celebrate Christmas - But the patient is kind and thoughtful. Apparently the wine is made of white and red grapes, with coloring added. One of my co-workers took the bottle.

    I'm with Sophie on the horses. I've always been a bit nervous around them too.

  4. A bit no to the blue wine. No need for artificial coloring, it seems such a gimmick.

  5. The wine looks just like mouthwash.

  6. Sophie looks wonderful! The ROF is so pretty! The wine looks horrible! :-)
    The holidays can be tough enough without grey clad Santas making you feel blah...what were they thinking? Sigh.

  7. I don't mind the Christmas display - at least it's not beige - although of course we are all waiting for your own very colorful tree. The blue wine, on the other hand, is quite beyond my imagination. Please keep an eye out and let us know how it sells!

  8. Hello, Sophie! I remember reading about Spain's blue wine a few years ago.
    The recipe? Mix a lot of white wine with a smaller amount of red wine, and a tiny bit of must, or freshly-crushed grape juice. And, according to this article, watch out for Chinese counterfeiters! Please tell Angus how much I enjoy starting my work day by checking in your antics. I'm a bit new to your blog (via Bouncing Bertie), and there is something especially appealing about your every day activities, as well as his wry comments!

    The blue colour is obtained via a mix of "nature and technology" using two pigments – anthocyanin, found in the skin of red grapes, and indigo carmine.

  9. Sophie seems to be embracing the new normal. Don't know if I could drink blue wine....

  10. Do the Hanjing factories not know of Dylon? For serious color changes.