Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A further delay.

Those wonderful end of summer days when the sun is warm and the breeze cool.  The leaves now tumbling from the trees.Sophie rediscovers the crunching sound leaves make when you plough, head down, through them. Life is wonderful. 

We meet the man with anger management issues. The court case with the German billionaires builder had been rescheduled for today but he received a text at six this morning informing him that the judge has a fever and is self isolating ' out of a sense of prudence'. He will be informed of a new trial date in due course.  Angus can't help but think that these delays are doing nothing for the anger management mans anger management. 

At the town hall door a new antiseptic gel dispenser has been installed.  It's a very grand gel dispenser considering that in the four hours a week the town hall is open - two hours on Tuesday, two on Thursday - it receives a maximum of half a dozen visitors.

The defibrillator on the other side of the town hall door  has now been wired up. The plastic casing has been broken in the process.

Social distancing well and truly in evidence at the cafe by the roundabout.

To make our start of day even better the croissant is a gem - 9.5/10.  Sophie devours her curly ends with tail swishing relish.

As cakes go this is pretty sophisticated:https://www.foudepatisserieboutique.fr/produit/la-tarte-mure-sansho

A new hotel near the Loire . The suite du Baron is something else : https://www.sources-cheverny.com/

Scandinavia meets France in the Vosges:  https://hotel48nord.com/sejourner/


Lisa in France said...

Your autumn arrives much faster than ours. It is still basically summer in Tokyo, and the leaves will not begin to turn for another month at least. Looking at the cakes you have linked today, I can begin to understand why you sometimes complain about bakery displays that seem perfectly enticing to me.

Coppa's girl said...

It's rather a relief to find that the company on your cake link only deliver in France! Some of the names of the delicacies had me smiling - would anyone order Chocolate Pooh?
Interesting hotel, but I see that they don't allow dogs, so much as I'm intrigued to take a closer look, Inca and will not be gracing their portals!

Coppa's girl said...

That should read Inca and I!

Sheila said...

My sympathies are with the man with anger management issues. Since I'm here everyday, I don't think I could have missed an explanation of why on earth the contractor found it necessary to cut down the hedge. Was it obstructing the Billionaire's view in some way?

Interesting that we now live in a time when a case of the sniffles can delay the course of justice however minor it may be.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Made our reservations for next September in Scotland. I am nothing if not optimistic.

Angus said...

Well done. I'm sure things will be fine by then !

Taste of France said...

It was so hot here I had to turn on a fan. Didn't get below 20 at night. Sticky, too.
How was Zooming with people in black suits? FYI, Carla Bruni Sarkozy has tips: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/15/style/how-carla-bruni-sarkozy-has-perfected-zoom-lighting.html