Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Switched off.

Five thirty in the morning . We head of for a tour of the village in the cool morning air. The moorhens scurry for cover. The man with anger management issues is also up and about. He's changing the air filter on his Nissan. ' Too hot to sleep' he says by way of  greeting before launching into a tirade against the government. This goes on for some time and ends with the view that  the politicians are all stupid.' The country needs the generals to sort things out'.  Angus makes a noncommital noise and  heads back to the Rickety Old Farmhouse with a sheepdog leading the way. The old gentleman who has had open heart surgery and walks ten miles every day is sitting on a bench on the village green. Sophie bounds over to see him but he has nothing to offer her in the way of biscuits so she just as quickly leaves . She does however get a tickle. We wave at the Belgian lady who is wearing her duck egg blue padded dressing gown and watering her window boxes. She waves back.

We're now into our high summer daily routine. Sophie is allowed in the garden until eleven and then comes indoors until five in the afternoon . She's then out until late at night on the grass. This morning the family diva also opts for an hours post breakfast doze on the doorstep. Today is expected to be another 36 degrees day.

Perhaps doze isn't the right word. Switched off might be a better description.

Down to the V-E-T-S for some calming shampoo. The heat has brought out the mites in the wheat fields. The obvious solution is not to run through the wheat but Sophie doesn't view this as an option.

 This mornings song played as Sophie and her master drive home, windows down , volume up :

This is the second time in as many days I've seen the phrase ' house ground ' burgers . Presumably this is a new American thing to show freshness ? Other restaurants seem to offer triple ground burgers ? Can you ask for your burger to be ground once or twice ? Where did the trend come from ? Why is it done three times ? :


Lisa in France said...

I have a very old Harris Tweed coat that I ordered on impulse from an online vintage clothing retailer in the UK a number of years ago - it's very un-Japanese, so I always feel somewhat transported when I wear it and, next time, I will surely think of this video. House-ground burgers, on the other hand, seem like just another excuse to overcharge! A Carl's Jr. recently opened on our very traditional little shopping street and is doing a booming business. No house-ground, but an "Original Angus Burger" is JPY1040.

WFT Nobby said...

Love the video. The women look like they're thoroughly enjoying their work. My school uniform coat was blue Harris tweed, and it occurs to me that my childhood was closer in time to 1941 than 2021.
Sophie's hot weather day time routine sounds sensible. Returning to Aberdeen from Orkney, I am enjoying the relatively benign climate here!

Angus said...

After a trip to Stromness you begin to understand why there are no trees there !

Angus said...

JPY 1040 is about seven quid which doesn't sound bad for anything in Tokyo. There again I have no idea how much a burger costs in the golden arches.

Coppa's girl said...

26ÂșC and mostly cloudy so far today, but after our walk both Inca and I think it's much warmer and very humid, which is exhausting in full sun. We shall now relax to recover our strength, and I see Inca is already crashed out on the tiles.
That's a lot of handiwork for a length of Harris Tweed, and I can't imagine they go to such hands-on finishing these days. A lovely spot to work in though.

Tigger's Mum said...

Fulling. It was quite labour intensive wasn't it? F has made a few things in Harris tweed over the years. They never wear out it seems.