Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Trial day.

High excitement. The day when the court case between the man with anger management issues and the German billionaires builder comes to trial. Both sides seem completely certain that they will be vindicated. Someone is going to be disappointed.

The G7 leaders are all heading off for meetings in Cornwall. They're staying in the Carbis Bay Hotel. In our day this was a 'family' hotel noted for having direct access to a small, toddler friendly beach. 'The Font' says it had Fawlty Tower elements to it. The sort of service that was 'well meaning'. Today it seems to have transmuted into something altogether grander. Toddlers are likely to be less welcome.  It would be nice to think some aspects of the Fawlty Tower approach to customers still survived for the G7 folks to enjoy  :

After yesterdays bath Sophie eyes me up warily. I assure her that bath times will be few and far apart and that she's safe. From a dog owners perspective there can be too much theatre in life.

Half a dozen or so early risers sitting on the terrace of the cafe. No sign yet of the municipal refuse workers.  We take our usual table in the shade. Angus and Sophie  seem to be the only shade seekers. Everyone else prefers direct sunshine. This morning there are croissants although they're no great shakes. I give them a 7/10. Sophie is much less onerous in her marking and gives them an 11/10 and a series of snorts.

Time , on the way home, for a quick walk up the hill to get the blood pumping.

Then back to The Rickety Old Farmhouse . The family diva takes up her spot at the front door and is soon sound asleep in the dappled shade. The perfect place to await news about the deliberations in the courthouse in Toulouse.


WFT Nobby said...

I am now nervously imagining Angela Merkel being subjected to a "you started it, you invaded Poland" moment...

Linda Sue said...

The courthouse in Toulouse - the suspense...I can't sleep!

Coppa's girl said...

Goodness - such excitement for a village in deepest France profonde! If things in the courtroom get too "heated", could the whole affair be shelved to allow tempers to cool?
Sophie had the right idea, a girl might as well catch up on some beauty sleep.

Fay said...

I was certain that your second sentence, after "High excitement" would start with a "But" followed by "continuance," if only to increase the drama. Thank you for all, including you recent, musical links. Always interesting to follow. Our two cardis suffered the indignity of a bath yesterday, as well.