Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A topographical oddity.

A really strong hot wind blowing this morning.  We head off across country to the Holy Oak and Holy Well. I can only assume that the Holy Well got it's name because in the middle ages it continued to draw water long after the other village wells ran dry. Ditto the Holy Oak which presumably stayed in leaf longer than its neighbours. This may be because they're both located at the base of a topographical oddity - a steep narrow ravine that runs off the ridge to the valley floor. This gouge in the landscape channels  subsurface water downwards to them when all else is parched.

This evening Angus is heading back off to London. The dentist has said I need to have a tooth extracted. Some comments on the blog ( Thank you ) have suggested that extraction is less desirable than reconstruction. A 12 hour trip back enables a crown to be replaced and a discussion with my usual dentist  about alternative treatments for the cracked tooth to be had. 

Travelling means another Covid test. I agree with the pharmacist who does the tests that they're ticklish ( chatouiller ) rather than painful. Today my toes curl as the pipe cleaner does its work. The test centre has been set up in the pharmacy store room by the wheel chair displays. This is functional rather than charming. By the time I'm home the test results have been downloaded onto my Covid app. Impressive.

One of the young male Moorhens is still practising his takeoff technique. I'm guessing, but have no proof, that the young ones are heading off at the rate of one a day. There were eleven last week. Last night on the eight thirty pm tour of the village with Sophie 'The Font' saw one set of parents and three chicks. A wide world awaits.

No news from the law courts. Madame Bay thinks there's been another postponement.

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A new hotel opening in a rather down at heel part of London. They've spent £500 million on it so they must think the area is up and coming  :

There is a photo exhibition in in London. A gallery in Paris is exhibiting. This photo by an American artist is rather wonderful :


Lisa in France said...

I hope that your trip goes smoothly again this time. Beautiful photo of the young moorhen, right up there with the very impressive "Flaccid Passion". I enjoyed the hotel website and had to laugh at the page describing their decadent "izakaya lounge." An izakaya is basically a pub, but everything Japanese seems to get fancied up when it goes overseas. Perhaps their "lobster gyoza tacos with chilli and cilantro" can be seen as fair revenge for Dominos Japan's fish and chips pizza.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Wow - that photo is so painterly... I went back three times and enlarged and gazed... stunning. Safe travels again, Angus. YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Hope all goes well in London. I must confess that when you mentioned the new hotel in the link being in a 'down at heel' part of London I was imagining somewhere like Peckham, Dagenham or Neasden and not a location close to Leicester Square!

Coppa's girl said...

Good luck with your trip to the dentist, Angus. Sophie must be relieved that the standard of cuisine will in no way suffer during your absence.
Sad to see that the moorhens are flying the nest - but well, that's kids for you! Excellent photo - one of the closest you've been able to take - perhaps they are not so shy now.
I too, expected the new hotel to be in a seamier part of London.

Travel said...

Safe travels,

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

May your visit to the dentist be as painless as possible.

Taste of France said...

Good luck at the dentist! I must say that international travel to get dental work is suboptimal. And despite your feigned ignorance of French in the builder/angry man dispute, you are certainly capable of communicating with a French dentist who probably speaks/understands more English than they will admit.
Re birds, my brother had a hummingbird feeder, which brought constant delights with a couple's visits. He had some others in the garage and put them up. Now, at least 12 hummingbirds! Do you have a hummingbird feeder at the ROF? The birds are so small and insect-like that they are unlikely to annoy Sophie. Or vice versa.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely picture of Sophie; I can almost feel the hot wind blowing. May your travel and appointment all go smoothly.