Friday, September 24, 2021

The beauty of life.

A glorious September morning. One of those perfect days when both dog and owner, in their own ways, are simply amazed at the beauty of life . Sophie searches for mud and badgers poo. Her companion enjoys the warmth of the breeze and watches a pair of falcons swooping over the corn stubble. We wave at two farmers who pass us in their white Peugeot vans. One of them stops to say the roses at the war memorial have started to bloom again. The young garagiste slows down when he sees us, then accelerates away with a rasp of his old BMW's exhaust.

The dog ramp, bought to avoid 'twinges' , has proven to be a wonderful addition to our morning routine. Sophie now trots up and down the ramp as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

When we get home we find that the chimney sweep is there. He and his mate are gone within ten minutes. There's almost no ash to be removed from the stove or the up pipe. ' You must have been using well dried wood ' he says while I write out a cheque. There may be something to this. How quickly and seamlessly the seasons roll around in a small French village . 

 A new and very French hotel opening in Houston :


WFT Nobby said...

We haven't heard mention of those nasty 'twinges' for a good while. I hope that means all is well now?

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie looks like a diva who knows exactly where she's going - she's certainly stepping it out.
Slow progress for us along by the beach - yesterday's followed by overnight rain has brought lots of sniffs to savour!

Lisa in France said...

It really does look like a beautiful day in today's photos. We had one like that yesterday, which was a national holiday in Japan (the autumn equinox) - it was a perfect excuse to drag out Charlie's little pool at least one last time this season. Remembering your earlier attempts to make things easier for Sophie getting in the car, it is good to know the ramp has been a success - she looks rather proud perched up there at the top of the ramp. I also enjoyed the restaurant link - I seem to spend a lot of time assuring parents of prospective college students that Houston is actually a very diverse and international place, and here's the proof.

Travel said...

For those with twinges, ramps make all the difference in the world.

Sheila said...

Amazing that a private residential structure has survived Houston's tear down and rebuild attitude over so many years. Such an uplifting post this morning.

Poppy Q said...

A beautiful day I wonder how long til I need a ramp too?