Monday, September 27, 2021


A little later this morning we'll head off to the airport. BA are still on one flight a day . Before the pandemic there were  three of four to chose from. I'm guessing, as the flight is completely full, that  things are getting slowly back to normal at Airbus and that their staff are beginning to travel again.

This morning at the shopping centre we stop to admire a sign advertising mini pancakes. These are purported to be ' Oh so British '. Anything less British would be hard to imagine.

Dog and master share a croissant, note that a window in the Orange mobile phone store has been smashed and observe the mallards pacing backwards and forwards on the electrical outlets forecourt. Sophie would love to chase the mallards but this morning we only have time for a quick march around the car park.

Monday. Another hotel e-mail. This time it's Boston. Are hotels opening up every day ?  Maybe there's a backlog due to Covid ? :


  1. Pikelets are 'mini pancakes' are they not? We just don't eat them like that!

  2. I'd be happy anyway to sample one of those 'British' pancakes.

  3. Pancakes, whether mini or normal sized, are surely the same ingredients? Since leaving the EU, perhaps some British "cuisine" has assumed an air of the mysterious and exotic? There are after all Scotch pancakes too - another variation, but I think that Pikelets are slightly different.
    Wishing you a safe and speedy flight Angus, easy peasy root canal work, a satisfactory chat with the Manhattanites - outdoors in pleasant evening weather, and speedy return to the ROF.

    1. Hari OM
      Pikelets are precisely mini pancakes - same mixture. Scotch pancakes are essentially the same, but have a 'dod o' melted butter' added to enrichen the mix - and quite often have a few sultanas or raisins added, too. Yxx

  4. I remain surprised at how many English words have "invaded" the French language. It appears that Boris could have said, "Donnez Britain un break!" Safe travels. I am certain Sophie will be happier once her flock is together.

  5. Replies
    1. Some hotel that closed for the pandemic, undertook major remodels and updates, one just across the River from me reopened recently having spent $30-M on updates and was closed probably 6 or 8 months longer than most of the hotels around it. It was only about 15 years old, most of it was cosmetic updates

  6. I thought you and Sophie's admirers might enjoy these photos from yesterday's Dog Surfing Championship in Huntington Beach: