Monday, September 20, 2021


The village quiet. Madame Bay stops by on her way to the health centre for an eight am appointment to check on her blood pressure. She thinks the judge has told both parties in the dispute to be adult and maintain a 10 metre distance from each other. This is difficult as their houses , although set back, face each other across the lane. Under the interim judgement the Anger Management Man isn't supposed to stop on the road outside the German Billionaires Builder and vice versa. Madame Bay says a full, formal, ruling is expected next week. There is a 'walking on eggshells' feel to this interim ruling. Both parties to the dispute are maintaining a low profile but you have the feeling they're peering out from behind their shutters to see who is speaking to the 'enemy'.

The weather has moved from rain to 'changeable'. It's dry(ish) as we set off along the valley floor but starts to chuck it down as soon as we're out of sight of the car. Sophie finds a squashed toad on the road which makes her day. Her companion is less happy about her find.

We are now in the season when the back of the dog car is amply stocked with water absorbent mats and a supply of towels. Sophie is soon dry and looking fit for a trip to the drive thru bakers.

At the greengrocers the first of the local pomegranates....

 ...... and winter squashes. The year just keeps rolling along.

Sometimes I miss London and its eclectic food shops. Good to see this one opening up again :


  1. What is the fruit on the right of the pomegranates? Small russeted pears?

    1. I think they are Jujubes - something you don't find in Scotland.

  2. The 'walking on eggshells' atmosphere reminds me of the time when a boundary dispute in the crofting community around my Torridon cottage evolved into fully fledged accusations of fraud deeply embedded in the management of the grazings committee. I am forever grateful that my cottage is 'decrofted' as, years later, the ill feeling lingers. Best of luck for a satisfactory resolution to the builder/anger man dispute...
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Isn't Sophie lucky? She doesn't have to worry about the discord in the village. All she has to worry about is that pesky
    C-A-T that has taken up residence in the garden. If she complains, Inca asks her how she'd like it if there were three?

  4. Do the different squashes all taste the same?

  5. Fine looking pomegranates and figs. I, too, wondered what the jujubes were. I congratulate Jean on having the good taste to invite her black Standard to her party, and I must impart the information that all squashes definitely do not taste alike! Sophie does look her best, on being dried.

  6. Just read 'breaking news' in NYTimes that fully vaxxed foreigners will be allowed entry to US sometime in November. Maybe it's time to be thinking about hotel reservations.

  7. Well, much as I'd enjoy an English meal, 33 quid for a chicken pie is a little steep! And 70 for the Beef Wellington is eyewatering! But, a trip to London would be wonderful. Sigh.