Sunday, September 19, 2021

Three layers.

It's drizzling and the air is decidedly 'fresh'. Soon, very soon, it will be time to put on three layers before venturing out. In Sophie's mind this is the perfect weather for a long leisurely stroll by the river. Her companion is less sure. By the end of this week the heating will be on. A month after that and it'll be time to light a fire. Angus shivers and makes a mental note to arrange for the chimney to be swept.

This morning the family diva carefully maintains a prudent distance from the waters edge. However, on the way back to the car she detours to walk through a large puddle. This is a text book example of canine logic. River water bad, puddle water good. Go figure.

Back at home she's toweled, vigorously, dry. Not that you'd notice.

There follows the PON ' What are we going to do now ? ' look. Our cue to head off en famille to the drive thru bakers. This will be  followed by a tour of the shopping centre car park and a trip to the green grocer for carrots and peach yoghurts ( a Sophie favourite - the glass jars make a wonderful noise on the tile floors ) .  Taste and noise - what better combination could there be ?

If approved this would be the worlds largest building :


  1. The River Arch proposed by Mr Baker is awesome, the product of a truly optimistic imagination!

  2. Cooler here too this morning, but no need to think about another layer for a week or two. It's already 24ยบ and the sun hasn't fully risen yet.
    Impressive design for the River Arch, but a prohibitive cost to build I should imagine, and the style of presentation reminds me of the 60's! Give me a three up, two down on firm ground any day!

  3. The River Arch is an interesting idea, but it looks to me like something that would more likely get built in London than New York.

    1. The price would QUICKLY put London off. New York might , just, have the chutzpah to do it.