Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Flipped switch.

It's as though a switch has been flipped and the world has gone back to its pre-pandemic routine. As we head out of the gate for our break of day tour of the village we find the sky crisscrossed with contrails. All the overnight flights lumbering in from the US and heading across western France to Milan and Marseilles and Munich. A huge wave of ( presumably ) three quarters empty widebodies that have arrived just as the sun rises. Some of the aircraft seem to be very high so perhaps they're off farther afield to Mumbai or Muscat. The skies haven't been this busy since Christmas 2019. Will it last ?

Sophie shows zero interest in the contrails. She is however greatly taken with two swans and two cygnets who are paddling about on the river.

This idyllic start to the day is ruined by the eleven young horses who are standing by the fence eating their breakfast. They eat rapidly and noisily. Sophie is not at all sure that passing a group of oat eating horses is a good idea. Our pace quickens ...markedly. She maintains a studied head down posture as she passes. What can't be seen , can't threaten.

Some equanimity is restored by a trip in the car to the bakers for the breakfast baguette and the curly ends from a croissant. In light of the trauma she's been through the family diva also gets the 'flap' from the top of the croissant.

 E-mails of the day:

A south coast hotel opening. Looks like fun :https://www.thepighotel.com/in-the-south-downs/


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I have been hearing and seeing a significant rise in aircraft over the Hutch this past week and wondered at it much as Angus has. The middle eastern airline with which I have been a frequent flyer sent a prompt about points (extended due to C19) expiring early next year and sending enticing flight offers. I am not, however, enticed. Not yet... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

Like Yam, I've been getting point expiration reminders, although mine are coming from British Air. That, together with the contrails and today's links, gave me quite a nudge. I still can't really go anywhere, as Japan wouldn't want to let me back in very easily, but it's starting to be fun to dream a little. I hope that Sophie is not dreaming of the horses.

Coppa's girl said...

If Sophie made friends with the horses, maybe they would share their breakfast with her?
I've frequently thought of taking a trip across Europe, but Covid has put paid to that for the time being. One of the main reasons we moved to this side of the Channel was to be able to just get in the car and go where the fancy took us!

WFT Nobby said...

Eleven horses is a lot for a single PON to deal with. Bertie thinks WFT back up is required.

Travel said...

If I were coming, it would be in search of a good croissant. Maybe next year.

Fay said...

It seems, as always, that discretion is the better part of valor, at least where horses, or cows, are concerned. And discretion, awarded with extra croissant, must have made a Lady's day.