Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Discussion points.

Tuesday morning. Same old discussion points with the Manhattanites - Iran, Taiwan ,Ukraine and Joe Manchin. Sophie sits almost patiently while I chat away. The Manhattanites are keen for a face to face. Angus is equally keen not to have one. The infection rate in Bordeaux is above 1100 per hundred thousand. That's getting towards last years peak and most certainly  doesn't tempt me to go to an airport .

The water level in the stream has fallen a good eighteen inches . Sophie approaches it with caution but is soon slurping, happily, away. The PONette knows there's nothing quite like water fresh from the stream.

The Christmas tree is carried upstairs and slowly decorated. Why we do this when we're the only folks likely to see it is a mystery. A sign of deeply ingrained routines.

A kind PON owner sent us a bauble with Bobs face on it. This takes pride of place in the middle of the tree. One box of baubles seems to be missing. Angus put it somewhere super safe so that it wouldn't get lost. This afternoon will be spent tracking it down so the tree can be finished.

Angus also gets to work on the antique Shaker candle sticks that were bought for a small fortune  in San Francisco forty years ago.  They are large and impractical.  The top candles end up being close to the chandelier. A design flaw in any house that doesn't sport twenty foot ceilings. 

 Advent song #16 with an ever so slightly nervous soloist in Birmingham, Alabama :https://youtu.be/zX0AsRJhP-M?t=20


WFT Nobby said...

What a lovely gift, a Bob-bauble! Surely, in itself, worth putting up a Christmas tree.
I rather enjoyed hearing an unfamiliar (to me at least) Away in a Manger tune.

Coppa's girl said...

Your tree looks very festive and the bauble is such a lovely memory of Bob. You'll have to take very great care of it - and remember next year where you've safely stored it!
The perennial twigs with tiny white lights here, together with tiny snowflake fairy lights - minimal in the extreme. The remaining boxes of unused tree decorations will remain on the top of the cupboards in the laundry - where they've been for goodness knows how long. Over the years I've taken quite a lot to the Charity shop, but this year it's too late in the season.

Fay said...

Beautiful, and seasonal, photos. I have always loved angel chimes, but don't have any, anymore.

Travel said...

Happy Holidays, maybe Sophie can help you find the box