Monday, May 23, 2022

Diminished exoticism.

Thunderstorms are forecast. They grumble away in the far distance. Up here on the ridge it's sunny but clammy.

After a cold, damp start to the year the temperatures are soaring and we now seem headed towards a serious drought and heat wave. This morning , while watering the new lavender, the well water 'sputtered' for the first time. Can the ground water really be drying up already ?

Sophie thrives on a daily adventure . She's up and in the car and raring to go at an hour when sane folk are still in bed. We're the first customer at the bakers although the car park is quickly filling up with staff from the supermarket next door.

This mornings croissant dry and with a consistency more like processed bread than a croissant. Sophie has the ends and the flap from the top. How's that for a good start to the week ?

The frozen food store has a special on frogs legs. I see they come from Indonesia and are processed in Belgium. This rather diminishes their exoticism.

Today is the day of the reclusive mans funeral. Wayne and Warren, the two non-communicating sons, together with various inheritance seeking spouses, are expected to show up at the church a little after two. I explain the nuances of the situation to Sophie who listens with rapt attention.

Last night we dine , virtually, in California :

The tipsy broadcaster. A piece of British history :


Virginia said...

That is a wonderful photo of Sophie… I’m looking forward to her expression after you’ve described the aftermath of the women’s meeting at the funeral!

WFT Nobby said...

This reader eagerly awaits whatever news Angus can glean regarding the goings on at the funeral. Meanwhile she worries that Angus's stomach might be rumbling due to having handed the family diva too much of his morning croissant.
Cheers! Gail.

Lisa in Tokyo said...

Sophie certainly does seem to be signaling that she has fully grasped the gravity of the situation.

Coppa's girl said...

Do I note a touch of disbelief, mingled with disdain, on Sophie's face when she learned of the shenanigans likely to erupt today? Who can blame her for being annoyed at the thought of disrupted peace in your oh-so-quiet little village of 66 souls?
Of course we're all waiting for a blow by blow account of the whole proceedings, Angus.

suej said...

I love Sophie's expression.
And I'm laughing out loud at the tipsy broadcaster.
Our warm weather has slipped away after a night of high winds but no storm.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey - the build-up on the funeral equals any cliffhanger on a soap opera! YAM xx

Travel said...

Is there food after a French funeral? That would be of more interest to the diva, Look forward to the juicy details.

Fay said...

I hope I will, finally be able to comment. As a long time reader, and intermittent commenter, I remain hopeful. Ah, Sausalito, where we spent most of our adult lives, including a wedding night at the Madrona Hotel–which appears to have had a makeover since! I, too, look forward to hearing about the funeral machinations. Can those surpass "Call My Agent" (Dix-Pourcent)?

rottrover said...

I agree with Lisa - Sophie does seem to be fully on board with the village drama and willing to herd or guard as the situation requires. I love her expression.