Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wherever and whenever

Sophie has been left alone with Angus while 'The Font' is visiting the far North. The standard of the food on offer has taken a decided turn for the worse. Sophies face says it all.

Although it's barely gone six the local courier driver drops of some cases of the wine at the front door. The family diva watches as the cases are unloaded. Sadly, there are no Jaffa Cakes on offer.

We open the church doors. The dry air seems to have evaporated the water that's leaked from the roof onto the floor tiles near the door.  There's going to be a  funeral tomorrow. The reclusive old man who lived in the cottage by the Holy Oak was rushed into hospital on Sunday night. There were, in the words of Madame Bay,  'complications with his legs'.

Yesterday, a motor home from Anjou stopped outside the village hall. A couple got out, wandered round the war memorial and finally made their way into the church. They spent all of two minutes inside. These are the first visitors I've ever seen go into the church.

Heading home from opening the church doors we say hello to Anger Management Man who has bought a newish black Toyota. ' Goes like the clappers ' he informs me in a tone of voice that is uncharacteristically jovial. We also stop and chat with The Old Farmer. He has taken to spending much of the day sitting in the shade on his terrace in nothing but a string vest and a voluminous pair of woolen drawers that extend below his knees. I promise to bring him one of the bottles of the wine that have just been delivered. He'll put it in the fridge to chill down and will invite his mate ,who served with him in the Army in Algeria, over for a nightcap. They will sit there, as they usually do, until well past midnight putting the world slowly to rights.

Sophie doesn't even make it onto the stoop this morning. After that manic social whirl she just drops on the brick paving outside the door. A girl has to take her sleep wherever and whenever she can.

Norways one and only dinosaur fossil :


WFT Nobby said...

So Angus's role in opening the church door every day is useful after all!
Gail is puzzled by the photo of the drill bit in the 'Norwegian dinosaur' article. The rock fragment containing the dinosaur fragment is clearly part of an intact rock core. The coring process requires a special tool that does not grind up the rock into tiny pieces, not a conventional drill bit as shown here.

Coppa's girl said...

Goodness - two actual visitors to the Church - makes your job worthwhile Angus! Is there a visitor's book to mark such a momentous occasion?
Poor Sophie, no wonder she looks so dejected - a fall in the standard of cuisine at ROF is not to be tolerated for long.
The flying with birds video is quite amazing - and great fun. Incredible that the birds stay with the microlight.

Travel said...

You paint a wonderful image, wish I could join Sophie for a dog nap.

rottrover said...

When I go out of town and my husband is in charge of "feeding the dogs", they live the high life! Bacon, eggs, bits of steak, pasta. They are still glad to see me when I return :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, Are church services ever held in the church? Love to sweet Sophie