Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hot tarmac

Another scorcher of a day promised. Angus and Sophie are up and about in the garden before daybreak to avoid the heat. It's cool enough for me to water the newly planted lavender and for Sophie to keep an eye open for the audacious C-A-T on the woodpile in the barn. Well before six we've had breakfast and set off  on our tour of the village. This morning the local French radio news bulletin informs us that Madison Cawthorn has lost his primary in North Carolina. Angus quietly wonders how many listeners in deepest, deepest France profonde have ever heard of Mr Cawthorn... or North Carolina.

When we get back to The Rickety Old Farmhouse  the family diva spends a full twenty minutes sitting, on alert, in the courtyard waiting for something to happen in the C-A-T department.

Nothing does.

Sophie finally takes up her 'head out, rump in' position on the front stoop.

This is where she'll stay until the sun is on her nose .  Then it'll be time to move into the cool of the kitchen. A girls day is never dull.


WFT Nobby said...

Nobby, who exhibits a clear preference for sun and warmth, wonders if Sophie would like to change places with him (we're currently in Torridon, temperature 10C, horizontal rain whipping across the Loch...)

Lisa in Tokyo said...

I wish I had never heard of Mr. Cawthorn. I suppose it is too much to hope that we will not have to think about him any more? Today, we are having a summer day in Tokyo, certainly a headfake before we return to rain and clouds but lovely anyway. Charlie celebrated by spending a half hour in the pool and then visiting the rooster at the temple down the street.

For some reason, I am unable to leave a comment using my Google account today.

Coppa's girl said...

We have to admire Sophie's dedication to finding that C-A-T! No sign of our garden cats at all, Inca thinks they're having a lie-in!
A heavy mist this morning, the atmosphere is damp and cool, and it's wet underfoot. It must have cooled down considerably from the high 20's when we went to bed. We'll delay our walk for a while. There's no sign of the sun at all, but no doubt it will break through later.
This morning Inca had curly croissant ends for her second breakfast treat. I think she remains somewhat unimpressed, but they'll do in the absence of anything more inviting!

Travel said...

Sophie takes precedence over the Washington Post in my morning reading. Madison Cawthorn was behind when I went to sleep last night, it is a brighter day to read that he lost. Thank you!

rottrover said...

I echo Travel's thoughts. By the way, that first photo of Sophie in the early morning light is a stunner!

Stephanie said...

The top photo of Sophie is especially beautiful; what a lovely expression she has. It all looks so cool and green and leafy, not scorching at all!

Jake of Florida said...

Ah but we still have an Oz, a Mastriano, and other choice nominees to keep us up at night. And for kicks, there's my Florida governor, DeSantis. Thank God for dogs to keep us sane and safe.