Saturday, May 27, 2023


Saturday morning  walk time. Sophie finds that her companion is talking on the phone. She settles down on the half landing for a napette. She does this with a grumpy harrumph which makes it clear that a delay was not in her plans. Angus is talking to the joiners who have put up plaster board on the kitchen walls. It would have been good if they'd told the electricians they were going to do this. The electricians have arrived to find all their wall sockets covered. Even Angus, who is getting inured to idiocy, finds this remarkable.

We try to do a different route every morning. This morning its down to watch the guillemots nesting on the cliffs by the bandstand  then we saunter onto the garden at the side of the Catholic church. A pigeon is chased.

Heading back home the pavement is blocked by a group of American golfers. They've booked to stay at the small hotel in town ( the one with the French breakfast chef ) . The plane from the US has ridden the jetstream,  landed early and they're managed to get through immigration and collect their bags in twenty five minutes. To top it all the road from the airport was empty so their coach has made the journey in record time.

This is where the problems start. They've arrived at seven but their rooms won't be ready until three this afternoon. As we pass on our way back to the wee house they stop me and ask where they can get a drink. I explain the bars won't open until ten. ' What about beers from the supermarket ?' asks  a resourceful gentleman wearing a Dodgers cap. I explain that the sale of alcohol in the shops is also forbidden before ten. 'If it wasn't we wouldn't get any work done ' I add. The golfers nod sagely. They traipse off to Starbucks with their clubs. I'd make a bet that they will be in the alcohol section of Sainsbury's by 9:55 and that the shelves will be cleared and empty by 10.01.  A local street sweeper finds the golfers blocking his way. He mutters under his breath.

The sun casting some 'architectural' shadows on the college walls. 24 degrees here yesterday. More of the same forecast for today.

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WFT Nobby said...

Is that the stripey stair carpet discussed on this blog a while back?
As for the joiners, they clearly went to the same planning school as the men who cam and re-painted the road markings on my street in Aberdeen the week before the street was resurfaced...
For once, I can empathise with the golfers. The 'no alcohol on sale before 10 am' rule in Scotland is so irritating for those of us who like to shop early.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
The first round of golf could be entertaining if indeed those shelves are raided! Meanwhile, I'm concerned that the Scottish summer will be over by the time I get north on Tuesday!!! YAM xx

jabblog said...

Another beautiful day in St Andrews - the golfers will be happy, particularly after they've managed to buy the essentials.

Travel said...

At least they will remember something of Scotland, before 10 AM on the first day. So sorry, we (Americans) are not all like that.

Stephanie said...

"getting inured to idiocy" made me laugh although it probably fails as comedy from your perspective. Wonderful shadows on the walls.

Coppa's girl said...

If the golfers have stripped the shelves by 10.01, I wonder who will keep an eye on the booze as they play their rounds?
It would seem you and Sophie will have to keep an eye on those builders working at the last house before Denmark. By the way, don't tell Sophie, but I bought some Jaffa cakes this morning!

Diaday said...

Happy Saturday to you and Sophie! Thank you for sharing your morning walk. You have such a way with words."...getting inured to idiocy" sounds so intellectual and strongly gets the point across.