Friday, May 12, 2023

The zen spot.


A week of calm before the storm hits the last wee house before Denmark. The kitchen  units are due to be delivered next Friday. They will go in the garage until the fitters arrive to start work on the Monday. The fitters plan to be done and dusted within the week. The tilers are then due to take over. When they go the bathroom folk are scheduled to begin work upstairs . After them the conservatory and garden room teams are expected. So it goes on through to the end of August. Quite how this careful choreography of builders, carpenters, electricians, glazers , painters and joiners  works out remains to be seen. We  shall move back into the wee house in town for the duration.

Sophie is usually wary of the sea.

This morning she defies the habits of a lifetime and heads straight to the shore. The family diva paddles in the water for a good half an hour. It's as if she and the sea have suddenly become good friends. Just when you think you know your dog they remind you that they have their own sentience.

Back home across the golf course. The number of golfers has risen sharply. I'd guess that getting a hotel room in town must be well nigh impossible. At the Good Coffee Cafe one of the drivers who runs the bus shuttle to Edinburgh airport says that all the trans Atlantic flights are full with passenger numbers up 30% from pre-Covid  levels. A lot of regulars who know that the weather in Scotland is at its best in May and September are returning after the Covid hiatus. The town is regaining its muted affluence.

After a bowl of water and a sliver of shortbread the family diva returns home to settle down in her 'zen' spot in the garden. There's no doubting it's her 'zen' spot because she starts to snore gently.


Coppa's girl said...

What a brave girl Sophie is this morning - defying those wave(let)s! In these uncertain times we could all do with a Zen spot just like Sophie's.
I do hope that all goes well with the refurbishments and that your builders adhere to their schedule. You will be able to compare the performance of British over French.

Travel said...

We stayed in the house, through two bathroom remodels (one at a time) and the kitchen replacement. It would have been nice to move out for a couple of months. Glad to hear Sophie has discovered the joy of a nice swim, I'd keep extra towels in the car.

Jake of Florida said...

The next thing you know, Sophie will be doing a jig with the coos! So glad you are moving into town during the renovation ballet. Even if you and the Font could deal with the disruption, Sophie wouldn't be very happy. And dusty.

rottrover said...

What a beautiful spot you've picked!