Thursday, May 11, 2023


An emotional reunion with Sophie in the station car park followed by dinner at home in the garden. The Edinburgh trains run on time, to the second.  In the evening the sunset  turns the waters of the bay red then amber then  gold. The simplest things in life can be glorious. On the horizon a large brightly lit cruise liner drifts slowly by on a round Britain voyage . For once the sea is as smooth as the proverbial mill pond. The family diva, delighted her flock is reunited, sleeps contentedly on her back by the gate. Angus tells 'The Font' about a young reconstructive surgeon he's met in Edinburgh.  In a weeks time the surgeon is moving back to Kharkiv to work in a hospital there. He will fly to Krakow and then go the rest of the way by truck.  'Are you worried ?' I ask him. " Yes, but if not me, then who ? " You wouldn't know it from the newspapers but duty and the pursuit of goodness still drive peoples lives. Self effacingly he tells me the heroes are the Ukrainian front line surgeons who work trauma stemming miracles with little or no equipment.

This Thursday morning dawns warm and calm. We have a long leisurely stroll from one end of the beach to the other . Sophie has a revitalizing bowl of water and digestive biscuit at the Good Coffee Cafe. The students have gone  replaced , this morning, by a line of Canadian gentlemen golfers. 'Is the weather always like this ?' one asks me. 

Sophie is finding that being a family diva is not a bed of roses. The arrival of the young cows has unsettled her routine.

The calves in the field watch her as she walks back into the village.

They rest their chins on the stone wall and watch her as she passes.

And they watch her as she heads home . She deals with this stress by first doubling and then tripling her pace.

In fact everywhere you look there are cows ... or reminders of coos.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Thank you, Angus, for providing my bovine fix for today. My name is Yamini, and I have OCD (obsessive coo disorder)... (Sorry Sophie!)

And thank you for that vignette of one person's life so different from what we here reading are ever likely to experience. My thoughts and prayers will go with that young man. YAM xx

Jake of Florida said...

My yearly calendar is always of cows in all kinds of stances, looking just like those coos lined up against the stone wall. But as much as I love the images captured in the calendars, like Sophie I too would freak out a bit with seven pairs of bovine eyes staring at me. And mooing?

Coppa's girl said...

I laughed out loud at the photos of the cows with their heads resting on the wall! They certainly had their eyes on Sophie, no wonder she didn't want to linger. Nothing like a bowl of fresh water and a digestive to restore the equilibrium.
We should all be thankful for the dedication of the young surgeon - I wish him well and safe havens for all those in that war-torn country.

Travel said...

A bark or two, and a nip at their heels and Sophie would find coos easier to control, than Angus.

Diaday said...

Love the coo line up!

My son-in-law works with a young Ukrainian man who is taking a leave of absence from his job in the US to join the troops in Ukraine. From a comfortable office in Chicago to the battlefields of Ukraine. Love of country.

Stephanie said...

Wonderfully attentive cows, a fine stone wall and brightening skies well captured. The young surgeon and young man mentioned in Diaday's comment remind us that all is not well in this world. The war in Ukraine no longer takes first place in the headlines most days as we move on to other concerns. Their courage is a sobering reminder that there is a reality beyond my comfortable space.

rottrover said...

It sounds like (and looks like) yo have relocated to a paradise. Just a different one from drought-ridden
France Profounde. Dinner in the garden sounds wonderful and the coos! So beautiful. Osa would behave much like Sophie did in their presence. Otto would have had a full blown tantrum/panic attack!