Thursday, May 4, 2023

Castles on the sand.

The Pomeranian and the Pomeranians owner are on the beach as we arrive. Sophie is distracted by a sand castle. She's never seen a sand castle before. By the time she's discovered that the sand castle is inedible the Pomeranian, its owner and the owners pocket full of treats are disappearing into the distance. I explain to the family diva, as gently as I can , that life is all about priorities.

Last night we went for dinner in town. With the students studying for exams finding parking spaces and restaurant reservations is suddenly a doddle. Heading through town we count eight young men carrying bottles of wine and bouquets of flowers. 'The Font' observes that we are now in the pre-graduation time of difficult ' I know I'm heading to a job in London but we can still meet at weekends and talk every day ' type conversations. Angus is surprised young men still carry flowers and wine. He's even more surprised that they are wearing ties. Some stages of life, and some conversations, require formality.

The charity shop has three bears wearing paper crowns in its window. This is what passes for a coronation window display in these dour Presbyterian parts. I rather like the sign that says ' Items in the tea party are not for sale at present'.

With the students about to leave the shop windows in town are removing anything vaguely practical from their windows and filling them with pictures of cows. 

Outside the main examination hall an audacious seagull is squawking safely out of Sophie's field of vision. We manage to get back to the car in silence without the diva voicing her disapproval. The examination hall is not a beautiful building. It is said, by its many detractors, to incorporate at least one element of every recognized pre-Bauhaus architectural style .

 Coronation tweet du jour :


WFT Nobby said...

The few coronation window displays I've seen in Aberdeen are even less impressive than the one shown here! It's my distinct impression that, in NE Scotland at least, enthusiasm for the forthcoming royal event is lukewarm at best.
Good to see the sandcastles on the beach. (I'm imagining the Russian spy planes seen recently over the North Sea are reporting back to Putin that Scotland's east coast is being further fortified in case of attack...)
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

The Coronation doesn't seem to be garnering much support or interest hereabouts either. I shall watch the event on TV but that will be all, I'm not concerned with the entertainments afterwards. Perhaps Coronation fever is limited to the south of England where Royalty have a presence.
That's a crafty audacious seagull, so no wonder Sophie missed it! The car owner may not be pleased with the little gift the gull seems to have left behind on the roof.

Travel said...

All about priorities,

Stephanie said...

The picture of Sophie atop the sand castles is a prize winner.

Jake of Florida said...

I read that just 9 percent of British folks polled said they cared a lot about the coronation. But this person here in South Florida plans to set the alarm for 5 am to watch the festivities. Husband and Joey may have other ideas.

Angus said...

Jake of Florida - Quite right. When all is said and done this is probably the first coronation most people will ever have seen.

rottrover said...

LOL, Gail!