Thursday, May 18, 2023

Why ?


Another early morning talking debt limits with Manhattanites. Some are optimistic, others aren't. From the office window I watch a determined badger dig up the alpines in the rockery. It goes about its task with all the finesse of a bulldozer. Badger :1 - Alpines : 0. 

A nearly deserted beach. An American couple in matching taupe jogging outfits pass us. They may think they're jogging but to this unpractised eye it seems as if they're walking at a 'don't break a sweat' pace. They are both talking, loudly, on their mobiles. I catch the phrase 'See you guys later' so I'd assume friends have just come in on one of the overnight flights and are on their way north.  By the Old Course ticket booth there's a throng of golfers waiting to tee off. Easily eighty of them, possibly a hundred. Europeans in muted tones, other nationalities in brighter primary coloured outfits. Caddies are dutifully providing hints on which clubs are best for particular holes. There is much nodding of heads. Some folks have turned up to the wrong place and are redirected to the New or the Jubilee or the Eden. They do their best to hide their disappointment at being relegated to one of the lesser Meccas of golf.

This morning the town is full of Italian and Spanish visitors. It's Ascension Day holiday time in Europe. A group of Spanish women are waiting for Cafe Nero to open. They are all wrapped up in bobble hats and scarves and those long padded coats that people in Boston wear in January. Scottish cafe culture couture. Outside the cafe where Will met Kate a large white coach is disgorging a group of visitors. What time must they have set off at to get here for six thirty ? Why ? 

Back at the last wee house before Denmark things are hectic. Our new kitchen is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. It will be stored in the garage until the joiner shows up on Monday. Meanwhile 'The Font' is transferring the necessities of life back to the house in town. A discussion over what shirts I need  is the cue for Angus and Sophie to head off for another walk.  On our way down the track to the rocks we see two packs of deer, the super large hare that's the size of a dog and four nervous rabbits. The badger is nowhere to be seen . The wilderness of land between sea and the farmers fields in an Eden for wildlife.

Is this a thing  ? :

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Two of the students at the ashram were forever bursting into BBC English accents. They were second gen kids of Indian heritage and seemed determined it improved their standing... entirely unaware of the sniggers from Indian, Aussie and Brit alike! YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Gail's late father knew all about the destructive power of badgers on a lovingly tended garden.

Coppa's girl said...

If the coach is disgorging passengers at 6:30 a.m. they must have been promised the full St. Andrews "experience"!

Travel said...

Maybe they heard that the Diva was often seen out and about very early in the morning.

rottrover said...

I think Travel is right! No other reason to be traveling by coach at that hour!

I encounter as many unknown words on the Scottish blog as I did when you lived in France...Alpines? Rockery? *sigh*