Monday, May 22, 2023

Into town.

The move into the wee house in town completed. This morning Sophie segues back into her city girl routine. Six university ancillary staff stop to greet her. One of I them has dog biscuits in her coat pocket. Four joggers say hello. An American man in a lilac and grey golfing outfit tries to pat her head but shes having none of it. He gets the full on Ponette glare.

IT issues with the blogger / I-pad interface. Normal service will hopefully be resumed tomorrow.



WFT Nobby said...

We look forward to reading about Sophie's summer as a city girl, and hope Angus and the Font are comfortably settled in for their sojourn in the 'Wee House'.

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie as a city girl - interesting to see how she enjoys city life! Though there are bound to walks near to your last house before Denmark, you'll have to check up on the workmen. Has someone reminded them about Jaffa cakes?
Wishing you a comfortable summer in the wee house, and that you can always find a parking space!

jabblog said...

Dogs break down social barriers - no stiff upper lips or standing on ceremony for them.

Travel said...

My I-pad often won't let me comment, on my own blog. Sophie can search out the sausages in town.