Saturday, May 13, 2023

Super small.

By five thirty Sophie and Angus are on the beach. Sophie is still of the mindset that if it's light it must be time to get up. She alerts Angus to this fact. 'The Font' slumbers on. 

The sand dunes behind the beach have been fenced off so that young birds are untroubled by passing humans and dogs. The old World War 2 coastal defences designed to keep tanks out make excellent nesting territory for larks and wagtails. This morning the larks are in full song.

Sophie is, for a second day in a row, in her 'the sea is my best friend' frame of mind. She has also decided that she doesn't like her kibbles. These are, perhaps, both signs, that our loyal companion has reached an age where she's turning into her mother.

We walk back through town to the car. The university garden department flower beds looking resplendent. Shame there's no students to see them. Soon the bulbs will be lifted and shrubs put in for the high point of the year - the June graduation ceremonies.

The grass in the butterfly meadow down by the library is showing some interesting  new growth . 

This morning Sophie and Angus head to the small Italian espresso place opposite the auld kirk. We have the place to ourselves. As the barista comes out to give Sophie a sliver of shortbread two American gentlemen arrive. One of them calls his wife. The conversation, one half of which we can't help listening to,  goes as follows - " Hi honey. We've arrived. We watched the movies on the plane. We didn't sleep. It took an hour and a half to get to St Andrews from Edinburgh. We've checked in and showered. The hotel is fine. This town is super small. There's supposed to be a university here but we didn't find it. We'll tee of in a couple of hours. Talk soon ". I'd never thought of this place as being super small. Perhaps a decade in a small French village of 84 inhabitants has shaped our view of the world.


WFT Nobby said...

Just how did the American golfers fail to find the university in such a "super small" town?
Greetings to Sophie!
Cheers, Gail (home from a sunny sojourn in Berlin).

Jake of Florida said...

Love where he says he hasn't found the university. And how " know what" that he hadn't done a bit more research about your lovely and historic town before venturing off.

Coppa's girl said...

Super small town he may think it is, but I'll bet the American did an in-depth research about the golfing facilities!
So glad that Sophie has made friends with the waves - it shows she's a big girl now!
This morning I am taking my new furry companion, Amber - a pointer cross, for a walk along the promenade to look at the sea, though she won't be allowed onto the beach. I brought her home last night from a rescue 40 kms inland from here, so the sea will be something new. It's all very traumatic for her with so many new experiences in such a short time. After being found abandoned in orange groves, she spent 20 days in a horrible "cell" at a local police station - just in case someone claimed her. Yesterday she was finally taken to the rescue I'd contacted, was seen by a vet, had blood tests, declared free of Mediterranean diseases, and I finally picked her up around 7 p.m. to bring her home. She'll have one new experience each day and tomorrow will be Spa day - she badly needs a bath! After a few days relaxation, sometime next week we'll see my vet and sort out a micro-chip, Pet Passport and, if she needs it, spaying.

Angus said...

Coppa G - A hearty welcome to Amber who is about to discover that life keeps on getting better and better !

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Sophie - next thing you'll be ordering a bikini cut from Angus!

Angus - "Can't find the university"??!!! I trust by the end of his golfing caper, he will have become educated.

CG - How lucky is Amber to have fallen on all four paws in your tender care??!!! YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Wonderful news! Amber is a lucky pup and I so hope all goes well. Any idea of her age?

Travel said...

Didn't notice the University? I hope he can find the greens.

Pam in NH said...

I have no words for the idiot American.

Congrats on the soon to be lovely Miss Amber!

Watching now for Sophie to adopt cows and pigs as new friends. My 11 year old Lola Doodle gets goofier by the day. First she barks at first light to "herd" us awake, and now she is herding us to clean the kitchen after dinner since she hopes we will drop a tidbit for her. Every day is a new adventure with older dogs.

Fay said...

I absolutely love Travel's comment—so apt!

Stephanie said...

Good morning, Sophie full of courage and big cheers for Amber and Coppa's Girl!

Jake of Florida said...

Welcome Ms. Amber!!! Each day will surely get better and better for you in the loving care of Coppa's Girl.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

Coppa’s Girl, how wonderful! I am so happy for you and Amber.

kippy said...

Congratulations Coppa’s Girl and Amber!

rottrover said...

Sophie, you learned you could survive the high tide last week or the week before, and now you can survive any surf! Well done!!

Amber! Welcome to a long series of "best days ever". You found a great new mom! Take your time getting acclimated, it's been a lot :)

Re: the American golfer...people wonder how the last president could possibly be re-elected. That's the mindset!

Lisa in France said...

Congratulations to Coppa's Girl and Amber - how exciting! We attended our son's graduation in Ohio this morning, and, as I find to be true with respect to much of life these days, Angus came to mind - one of the parents attended in a kilt, and I couldn't help but wonder if he was doing it right. Our son's just been accepted to a one-year graduate program in Glasgow, so maybe he'll have to learn. He's also been accepted to Sussex, so has a big lifestyle decision to make. Glasgow is tempting because, among other things, there are a large number of very good Japanese soccer players on the local team. (Although I'll have to warn him off the folks with the flashy chandeliers.)