Sunday, May 14, 2023

The 'cheery' variety.


Another early start. This morning we chat to both Manhattanites and the super smart Los Angeles folks about what's going on behind the scenes in Moscow. Sophie patiently savages an old friend until I finish. Lots of hooded crows out in the fields this morning. 

We stop to admire the university flower borders. They are of the 'cheery' variety which makes a lot of sense in a northerly part of the world that can turn grey and cloudy very quickly.

The tide way, way out this morning.

On our way home we drop by the garden nursery. We're too early and they won't be open for another hour.

Fresh air and sunshine have done little for Sophie's coat. This morning she returns home sporting the 'squiffy' look. Over the last couple of weeks she's taken to sleeping more. Nothing alarming but a long walk in the morning and another in the afternoon makes her more than happy. Her breakfast kibbles , once wolfed down, now nibbled at.  Those first little hints that we should be relishing every moment with her.


Ruth said...

I remember the horror of Sophie being ill after Easter last year and there was such relief for all her adoring fans when she came home. The slowing down comes to us all and we all need to enjoy every little moment. I appreciate the time and care you take in sharing our darling Ponette's adventures and wish her many more with you, The Font - and the Jaffa Cakes.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh, that warning at the gate...🤣does one good to have an early morning guffaw. I am currently house sitting and caring for an elderly and deaf cat, who needs constant reminding to eat. The aging of pets is a good reminder of our own fate. We can only wish for the same level of care...YAM xx

Virginia said...

Oh, don't those little signs squeeze your heart strings. Dear Sophie, may there be many more morning treats and walks with wonderful smells and exciting sights. .

Coppa's girl said...

Poor Sophie, you can never trust the sea to be exactly where you want it! It's sad when our pets start to show signs of aging, though Sophie always seems like a young pup.

WFT Nobby said...

Still laughing at the garden centre sign.
We too have those same 'cheery' flower beds in Duthie Park.
There is something to be said for an older dog who sleeps a lot. Nobby is not at that stage...
Cheers! Gail.

WFT Nobby said...

PS Gail has just googled Pathhead Nurseries and seen that you must have visited the village which the ancestor whose family name she bears left for London around 1810.

jabblog said...

The troubling signs of impending old age are reminders of the brevity of canine life, life lived in a hurry.
Sell unattended children to the circus? Give them away, I say.

Travel said...

Such a sweet old girl, enjoy every walk,

EAS said...

Lovely photo of Sophie with old friend. She doesn’t look bad in the “squiffy” photo either. Sweet, sweet girl!
Are the primroses pictured perennial or annual there?

Angus said...

EAS -The flower beds are filled with whatever the university gardeners can a) buy in bulk and b) can survive the 4 seasons in one day Scottish weather.

Melinda from Ontario said...

Sweet, beautiful Sophie. Keep on having adventures dear one.

rottrover said...

It's Mother's Day here in the US, so wishing the Font a very happy day! Your daughter is a lovely creature!

Jake of Florida said...

Would love to know what's going on behind the scenes in Moscow too!!! And with an older dog too...Joey going on 17...and remembering my 16 year old Just Harry...I know how we all look for those first signs with trepidation. But thankfully Ms. Sophie has the sun and the sea and her loving companions to make every day better than the next. Not to forget dechoclated Java cakes.

Anonymous said...


Give up on your agenda – this
is exploration, not exercise.
She can’t hear you calling her on,
but then, you can’t smell whatever
is so intriguing about that clump of grass,
so maybe just relax. Stop counting steps.
Don’t even count birds, or minutes
or the things you have left to do
on your pressing and eternal list.
Move gently into the immeasurable.
Stop to greet children. Consider
that the most fascinating thing in the world
could be your neighbor’s garbage can.
Observe without judgement
what is near to hand – even if what you see
is the halt in her step, the way
her spine has begun to show. Walk
just long enough to remember
that love is not an antidote to death,
but loss is not the opposite of life.

– Lynn Ungar

Stephanie said...

Thank you for this.

Selina said...

I get choked up at the mere thought of Sophie entering the twilight years. Let’s hope she has lots more time with you both to enjoy each other. Where have the years gone?!