Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The first train north.


Sunrise. A large fox wanders across the barley field. It follows a ruler straight diagonal line from the top right hand corner of the field to the bottom left corner by the raised beach. Every thirty seconds or so it stops and turns to sniff the air . The family diva is busy exploring some seaweed by a rock pool on the shore and is completely oblivious to the presence of the fox. 

In town there is no shortage of parking spots. In the afternoon the spaces will fill up with day trippers but at this early hour the place is deserted. Down by the cathedral I count 5 cars with German registration plates and another 4 from France. The first wave of europeans seeking a respite from summer heat. 

This morning we go to the cafe where Kate ( supposedly ) met Prince William. This might best be described as an urban myth but one the cafe owner is in no hurry to dispel . In summer the cafe is exceedingly popular with tourists seeking the 'authentic' Scottish experience. This morning there are two American late teens sitting on the cafe window sill eating bacon rolls. They're spending their summer in Europe. They flew in on Saturday, spent a couple of nights in Edinburgh and took the first train north this morning. Sophie spots the bacon rolls and wanders over to introduce herself - enthusiastically. She sits and stares at them until they get the message. 

Before heading home we open up the wee house in town for the cleaners. Three young ladies show up. This morning they will do a 'blitz' on the place from top to bottom. The gardeners also show up although their presence was unexpected. First impressions are that the tenants who've just left were of the 'careful' variety. 

The wee house in town, in its current configuration,  dates back to 1608 although there's been a house here for much longer. It's on three floors and has steep staircases. Sophie will spend much, if not all , her time on the ground floor, the garden and the kitchen. The final flight of stairs might be too challenging for a lady of a certain age with two metal legs. We plan to move in for a month while the new kitchen and bathrooms are installed. Sunday is penciled in as 'move' day.

On our way back to the car after opening up the house we pass the hotel with the French breakfast chef. Sophie - who has a remarkable memory for food - lingers at the railings to see if he has a hot sausage for her. Sadly, there is no sign of the chef ... or a hot sausage. Maybe tomorrow ?


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Those steps would be a challenge for me, too! Living in town for earl summer may prove to be to your liking. Wonder what Sophie will make of it... YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

The Wee House is looking good. Bacon rolls as an authentic Scottish experience sounds about right for once. Gail has always wondered how it is that south of the border one always gets bacon sandwiches (or 'sarnies') i.e. using sliced white bread, and here in Scotland the bacon's served in bread rolls. One of those many but little noted cultural distinctions between the two parts of the UK!

Coppa's girl said...

It does look as though the previous tenants of the wee house have been careful. It looks in pristine condition. I'm sure you will all enjoy living in the centre of things for a while. Sophie most certainly will - especially if you are near the bacon roll café!
Perhaps the French chef has moved on and the new one hasn't yet learned about giving a hot sausage to a certain hungry Ponette?

Travel said...

That is a lot of stairs. It will be nice to be away while the work is being done.

Melinda from Ontario said...

The wee house looks like a delightfully cozy place to wait out renovations. Having recently suffered through a bit of a renovation myself, I know how hard it is to put up with the noise, dust and confusion.
I hope Sophie has a reunion with the sausage man soon.

Jake of Florida said...

Angus, I'm curious about the books. Is this where you stored those that didn't fit in the new bookcases?

rottrover said...

The wee house looks spiffy and welcoming!

Diaday said...

Do you think Sophie will miss her swims in the sea?

I was curious about bacon rolls and found a recipe. Nothing like starting off your morning with a freshly baked roll, butter, and bacon. Deliciousness in simplicity.

EAS said...

Three cheers for careful tenants! You’ve already been through so much.