Thursday, May 25, 2023

Duty calls.


The week has moved along quickly. Later this morning Angus is off on the train to London. This is an unexpected trip but one that a dutiful  'executor' has to do. Signatures are required. The trip coincides with a national bank holiday which almost certainly means crowds and delays. The plan is to get the three o'clock train back north tomorrow.

There are rabbits down by the harbour. They are chased with much theatrical tail wagging and howling. The rabbits move a hundred yards further down the grass and look back bemusedly as the PONette races backwards and forwards. She's happy, they're happy. 

The coronation bunting still fluttering away in town. Methinks the town elders have opted to leave the flags up until it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations . This is known as getting value for your money.

The old house that backs onto the end wall of our postage stamp sized garden has had a sprucing up. The pointing has been redone. No doubting that this place was built using stones recycled from the old cathedral. This is also known as getting value for your money.

Next to the bookstore the ladies outfitters has a new window display. The 30's something woman opening up the shop volunteers the fact that woolen outer wear sales are booming. Foreign visitors are surprised at how 'bracing' the climate gets after the sun goes down. It seems the multi-layered, keep the wind out look is particularly popular with Italians who seemingly have a low tolerance for the cold.

An island song for a Thursday morning  :


Coppa's girl said...

Is Sophie running backwards and forwards after the rabbits, getting value for her money too? An expression I heard my late father-in-law (Scottish) use on many occasions.

Travel said...

Safe Travels, You know who will miss you.

Stephanie said...

I very much like the old house with its cheerful red doors. The bunting keeps a certain festive look in place. It reminds me of a small village and its war memorial in France where decorations remained in place long after the holiday had passed.

rottrover said...

Stephanie, I was thinking the same thing. Angus, sending condolences for the loss of your hero.

WFT Nobby said...

Gail and Nobby are keeping our favourite blogger in our thoughts at this busy and difficult time.

kippy said...

Safe travels to and from London and our condolences for your loss. No doubt coming home to Font and Sophie and a glass of wine or two in your garden later today will be calming after your sojourn.