Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Westie.

Dog walkers out in force this morning enjoying the sunshine. Real Scottish weather - sunny one minute, cloudy the next. Tickets for the golf tournament go on sale today so the town is already busy with visitors. Parking is a nightmare. The queue from the ticket office window snakes past the clubhouse and up the hill to the Martyrs monument. Most tickets are sold on line but some are reserved for those who'll make the effort to turn out and pick them up in person. There is much sharing of golf stories among those waiting. I'd reckon half of the folks say 'Good morning' as we pass. This is a place where lifes little proprieties still matter. 

The little old lady with the Westie is part of the daily townscape. Every morning at exactly the same time she wanders along the street past the bakers and then turns sharp left by the newsagent and heads off towards the cathedral. Sometimes she stops and leans against a shop doorway to get her breath.  The Westie walks alongside her. They move very slowly and deliberately. Every three steps the wee fellow pauses so that his mistress can catch up. This morning I note that the Westie is wearing a cone. This seems to leave him completely untroubled.

As he turns the corner a young woman with a black dog is walking briskly towards him. He makes it quite clear that this is his street and that he's guarding his mistress. Westies can make a surprising amount of noise for such a small bred. This interplay makes me laugh. He is a small feisty bundle of determination. 

A bunch of flowers on a bench .  I don't think I've ever seen this done anywhere else. There must be someone in a local government department tasked with putting out these floral tributes. They never seem to get stolen.

We stop off at the Italian coffee shop by the divinity school. The first of the golfers have bought their passes and are now heading back to their cars. The street cafes already busy with customers celebrating their success with a cappuccino.

So starts a September morning in a small Scottish coastal town. One of those old  places where nothing ever happens ... but something ( if you take the time to look ) always does.

In the inbox and e-mail advertising holidays staying at temples in Korea. This is seemingly a big thing :

This hotel could only be in Italy :


The Life of Riley said...

Love your first photo. I wonder if the flowers on the bench were left by family or friends of the person named on the wee plaque (on the bench) in remembrance of a special date.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Angus, there are literally hundreds of memorial benches in Scotland (particularly coastal towns). Dunoon has a fair whack of them, and they are dedicated by families for their deceased who adored the area where they are planted. Here, ours have purpose-built bouquet holders on them and - one presumes on the anniversary of deaths - flowers will adorn different does at different times. I think this is way better than a cemetery stone and suits those who were cremated, I suppose. YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Yes, I love the first photo - it has a brooding quality about it, quite in keeping with the season.
No chance for dogs to run on our beaches, it's forbidden and they are still packed with sunbathers.
Westies are very noisy little dogs - we have two living opposite and they bark at everything that passes and imaginary things too! Their volume increases when another dog walks by.

Travel said...

There is always beauty and joy in our home town, if we slow down and notice it.

Gemma's person said...

The town pig/piglets?

Diaday said...

Taking the time to notice makes one appreciate life's simple, yet profound pleasures. A couple of Westies live a few houses from us and they are noisy little dogs! Enjoy your weekend.

Charlotte said...

I have a Westie so this article about the woman with her Westie was great. I believe you have mentioned him before.

rottrover said...

That west's whole demeanor says, "back off, Jack! I'm protecting my lady!!"

The Bougalou Bear said...

Here in TO we also have a fair number of memorial benches, especially down by Lake Ontario and The Beach district. We also have memorial trees in parks. They, and the benches, are regularly adorned with flowers, candles and seasonal ornaments.
Those are never stolen.

WFT Nobby said...

Plenty of memorial benches in Duthie Park too. Flowers are placed there and often not removed - the person who has left them perhaps has forgotten, and others feel it would be bad form to throw them away!