Monday, July 17, 2017


Bob plants a start of the day kiss on his sisters cheek.

The look on her face hints that this may not be entirely welcome.

Off into the market town for a walk across the bridge.

A coffee in the shade of the arcades. A bowl of water and two cellophane wrapped biscuits for the PONs.

On the way back to the car Bob is keen to '' christen " two plaster dogs set up at a bric a brac ( or as the French would have it 'Fine Antiques' )  stall. He is hurried along.

Long term readers of the blog will remember that Bob was diagnosed as having had a small stroke in December. He lost the blinking action in one eyelid and the muscles on one side of his jaw. The symptoms got better and we've subsequently thought nothing of it believing that it was related to the stress of his sisters double leg breakage. Interestingly, some mild symptoms have belatedly returned in the aftermath of his sisters run-in with the bees. Bob, it has to be said, is devoted to his sister.  Can it be coincidence  ?


  1. I wondered at the time how the bee incident would affect Bob. He really does seem to be a sensitive family fellow. Surely no coincidence that some symptoms returned and I hope they fade again fast. Please tell Miss Sophie not to get into any further scrapes.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Sophie - most of us would love Bob to kiss us !

  3. Bob seems not only devoted to his sister but to his humans as well.

  4. Hari OM
    As he is such a sensitive soul, I trust his taste... those dogs need a bit more than Bob's watering, methinks! POTP that these return symx are purely stress response. YAM xx

  5. What a wonderful way to start the day, with a kiss from Bob. (or a poke in the ear) Your pictures are priceless!
    Bob has a lot on his plate, the keeper of the flock and the welfare of all.

    1. Wouldn't we all love such a greeting from Bob! Angus, the picture of the bridge is truly exceptional.

  6. Love the pictures of Bob and Sophie.

  7. Bob is definitely Devoted to Sophie! Your photos are worth a thousand words, Angus!à

  8. Stress can do strange things. Hopefully he will be better now that she is as well.

  9. Total devotion = Bob. Bless that young lad.

  10. If anything could benefit from a good christening, it is those two plaster dogs. If anyone needs an extra treat, it's Bob!

  11. Poor Bob, under that scruffy exterior is a gentle, caring soul.

  12. Stress is the cause of many things and as the guardian of the family he feels it all so much. Someone needs to have a stern word to Mlle Sophie in order to reduce the stress for Monsieur Bob. Unlike the Diva he is a very caring family man and is stressed by her mishaps to his detriment.