Monday, July 31, 2017

Very keen.

It's decidedly darker in the mornings now. When I come downstairs and turn on the lights Sophie is still asleep in a cool spot on the library floor. She gives me her slightly surprised ' is it that time already ? ' look.

A group of pilgrims on bicycles arrived late last night and set up a large blue tent on the village green. This morning they can be seen running backwards and forwards to the loo in the Salle de Fetes. There seem to be a surprising number of pilgrims in the tent. Bob and Sophie are very keen to say hello. Very keen. Despite, or perhaps because of, the PONs suspicion that their may be food they are encouraged in the opposite direction. The pilgrims don't know how lucky they are to have been spared an early morning 'hello' from two enthusiastic sheepdogs.

The lane heading towards the crossroads mercifully free of anyone and anything that the angelic duo may wish to share their enthusiasm with.

Off to the bakers. The roads quiet. Everyone is taking their two week holiday at the same time. Angus orders a strawberry cake. The baker wanders out from the kitchen and informs me I've made an excellent choice. Bob and Sophie share some choux pastry slivers.

Back at home the cake looks decidedly bigger than it did in the bakers. It has sliced apple on top. 'The Font' tries the sliced apple but is less certain about the cake. Angus is reminded that just because it's a strawberry cake it doesn't count as one of his five a day.

So starts a Monday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde. Later this morning we may take some bottled water over to the pilgrims.


  1. What a wonderful start to the week ! There are many of us who would be delighted to be on the receiving end of the PON's enthusiasm.
    Hopefully they have a better sense of timing than my Lab. Inca, who woke at 4:30 a.m. and decided it was a good time to go out into the garden to play !

  2. Hari OM
    hmmmmmm... might have gone the raspberry tart myself. Slightly higher fruit content and perhaps getting in over the line as number five! YAM xx

  3. Are you taking the bottled water so they have to keep rushing to the Loo and keep the PONs entertained?

  4. Angus, you underestimate pilgrims. I'd have loved an early morning visit, or a visit at any time of the day, from two Pons.

  5. I would LOVE to meet the PONS on a pretty summer morning! Food and all!
    Yummy photos from the bakers every day and how sweet for the baker to share crumbs with the Angelic Duo! :)

  6. Perhaps not fully awake, my first thought was, "5 cakes a day?"

  7. We think the pilgrims might have enjoyed a PON welcome.

  8. I would like one of each svp. :) I wish our almost 10 month old pup would take a chapter from Sophie's book...he does not sleep in. He's wired differently this one.