Sunday, July 9, 2017

The light of the forest.

A night without sleep and Angus is like a walking zombie. The party animal clearly disappeared some time ago and was replaced by a creature that is barely sentient if its routine is interrupted. Old rugby injuries ache.

While Angus heads off for a walk with Bob, 'The Font' and Sophie open up the shutters to let the cool pre-dawn air into the house. After her run in with the bees Sophie is largely recovered but is sleeping a lot, drinking a lot ( possibly because of the steroids ) and on the vets instructions is being kept near a cooling fan.

Bob is in a haystack christening mood. All the haystacks are carefully looked at, sniffed and then christened. This is a lengthy process. The sun has risen by the time we make it down into the valley. On the banks of the little stream bull rushes and sunflowers coexist in a mix of the planned and unplanned. There are scores of goldfinch busy eating the sunflower seeds. Bob and master stop to watch. Angus tells Bob the Scots Gaelic for goldfinch is lassair-choille.  That translates as the light of the forest  or  the flame of the woods . Gaelic may not be a language of modern business but  it is a language of nature and wonder.

After breakfast a quick trip in the car to the supermarket for rice cakes. Experience has taught us that in the scorching summer heat carrot slices from the chiller or rice cakes make the best treats. Somehow, perhaps because rice cakes are low in protein , they stop the angelic duo from developing itchy summer ears.

Preparations for July 14th on the road into town. Tricolor's hung from every second lamp post. On closer inspection I notice they're hanging from every second lamp post on the left hand side of the road and every third on the right.

Some of the photos in this link are stunning :


Lisa and Cherry in Tokyo said...

So glad to hear that Sophie is doing well. I just can't imagine how frightening this must have been. It is good to know that Claritin would be the appropriate first aid. Cherry takes Claritin for allergies (the vets prescribe Benadryl but it makes her sleepy) but I am not sure I would have thought of it for bee stings. With Pons, it seems that anything may happen at any moment, so good to be prepared.

I hope you can now catch up on your sleep knowing all is well again in the ROF.

WFT Nobby said...

So pleased that all seems well with Sophie. And Bob. And thank you for the lovely addition to my limited Gaelic vocabulary.
Cheers, Gail.

Julie said...

Glad to hear Sophie is recovering well
I enjoyed the photos in the link, its amazing how places you've visited look so different from the air

Taste of France said...

Oh dear. So much happened while I was offline. Good luck to Sophie. Even though she likes attention, medical attention is the least fun kind.

Wishfully Thinking said...

Madainn mhath, Aonghus, from a poor learner.

So, yesterday I get up at 8.20am, early for a Saturday, to watch the Lions. I'm in the loo when DH rushes in. "have you read "Bob and Sophie" yet? Sophie nearly died." Follows 15 minutes of chaos as both adults catch up on the bad news and the good.

Missed the kick off. (I suspect you missed the whole game).

So much concern in this corner of Aberdeenshire. And not just becuase of the waste of money on the steel legs. (Poor joke?)

Prayers for you all from two humans and an OES

Coppa's girl said...

Good to know that Sophie is on the mend.
I'll make a note of Claritin, something I could have done with when my last Lab., Petite-Chose, was plagued with allergies. Nothing the vet prescribed seemed to work, so I wish I'd been able to suggest something which might have helped her.
Good for Bob taking his time christening the haystacks - it's not a job that can be hurried !

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Rejoicing in the news of speedy healing and have no doubt that the sturdy Diva will back to full 'ramp' very soon.

Thank you for that wonderful link also! YAM xx

Susan said...

I am so happy to read that Sophie is quickly on the mend! Any idea where she had the run-in with the bees, so that you can get rid of them?

Emm said...

Thank you the lovely pictures in that link. Passing it along to a friend who's going to walk the Camino this fall.
Re rice cakes: There's something in rice, a chemical?, that is calming, can even make the eater sleepy. Thus, they may be doubly good for Sophie now. For people, they're a tasty summer treat with hummus and fresh tomato slices.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wishing you all cool breezes and healing sleep. Goodness, what you've been through.
And by the way, Edward and Apple highly recommend cold carrots, their treat of choice.

Unknown said...

It is thanks to you that Millie began receiving a chilled carrot as a snack. It's a great highlight of her day.
Of course, one is never enough.
So glad things are quiet again at the ROF.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Photos of the sunflowers are always a favorite this time of year!

Thanks for the link for the allergy meds - Good reminders! We've gone the whole round of over the counter ones, and I'd not heard that about ears and rice cakes. I'll have to give them a try, since we're plagued with them at the moment.

Good to read that the family-diva is continuing to do well!

Unknown said...

And thank you for the lovely translations for goldfinch. They pause in the fruit trees and elderberries beside our house and sing.

The Life of Riley said...

My two both love rice cakes. Another good summer treat (it's winter here, so this one won't be used again until November) is using part of their daily food (kibble, cooked chicken, etc. whatever they have for meals which doesn't give them ear problems) frozen into an ice-block with some water. Experiment with shapes - low & flat or big round blocks (using things like yoghurt or ice-cream containers) with bits of food, like a carrot, that stick out. It takes them ages (in the shade, outside on the lawn!) to lick through the ice to get their food.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Thankful this weekend ended soooooooo much better than it began. Group hug for all at the ROF!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Sophie is a strong lass! She will continue to get better I am sure of it.

Having not yet reached my 5th decade, I need routine. Throw in a 9 month old puppy who cannot (or will not) sleep past 4:30/5:00 a.m. weekdays AND weekends and my whole world has turned upside down. I hope his internal clock changes for the better very soon.