Saturday, July 15, 2017

The psychology of diplomacy.

The wrens that are nesting in the wisteria above the front door are a particular source of annoyance to Sophie. They flit and flutter around the courtyard and seem quite oblivious to the fact that she is in charge of the garden. Her first task this morning is to stop as she leaves the front door and glare at them. 

Bob is unaware of the Wrens existence.

It's been wet for the last week but this morning blue cloudless skies herald the start of a long dry spell.

Know your client psychology. Two Paris restaurants. Two American Presidents. Which one did Obama get taken to and which one was chosen for President Trump. A or B ?


  1. Obama sophisticated french restaurant A with excellent food and wine. Trump goes to restaurant B with menus in english and a beautiful view of the city of Paris.

  2. Those wrens must be bird-brained indeed if they fail to recognise who is in charge at the ROF.
    Toodle pip!

  3. To be honest I'd prefer B. Would they mind our dog under the table?

  4. Hari Om
    I second Mo's order. Bob has the right attitude for diplomacy... only pay attention if attention is required! YAM xx

  5. I think Mo's got it right. Question is were both Obama and Trump taken to dinner by the same French president? Wonderfully sharp photos. Are you using your new phone/camera?

  6. No. I think that Trump would love all the gold and frou frou and over the top quality of the first restaurant while the second is cool and modern like Obama. Definitely!

  7. Not sure why the restaurant question, but our press reported that President Trump and First Lady Melania dined with the Macrons at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Cheers!

    1. Sophie must not be a "twitcher" by the look on her face! :)
      I believe Trump picked B.

  8. The contrast is interesting: Sophie is so alert to her surroundings and Bob is simply having a lovely time.

  9. Those wrens really like to tease Sophie, don't they, but they know she's in charge !
    Beautiful photo of Bob !

  10. Ha! Didn't even have to open the links, just the restaurant names were a giveaway.
    Interesting New Yorker piece here on the Macron charm offensive: