Saturday, July 29, 2017

Doing their job.

Sophie comes a long, leg strengthening walk across the fields. She clambers up hills and down hills for a full forty five minutes. Those titanium joints are doing their job. On the top of the ridge we sit side by side on the grass and watch the sun flood the valley. This most independent of ladies puts her chin on my knee and has her head scratched. Angus talks to her about Anthony Scaramucci but she's fallen,briefly, asleep. Just as well. There are some things a young lady shouldn't hear. 

After a power walk round the lake Bob has been given a chilled half carrot by 'The Font'. He sits in the back of the car enjoying it. One eye is kept open for the return of his sister.

When Sophie returns she knows that 'goodies' have been had. Bob feigns ignorance. Complete ignorance. Diplomat Bob.

In the little market town the cupcake store has closed.

As has the general store. The cupcake store had a business plan that lasted two years. The general store had been there since 1953. Meanwhile the out of town shopping centre expands.

Same day. Two Tweets by different US Senators :

And in terms of dogs doing their job this piece from yesterdays WaPo :


  1. I am thinking Sophie would be a match for Anthony Scaramucci, any day!

  2. Hari Om
    why is it that I cannot get images of The Godfather out of my head when I see AS??? What is more, he seems to be a clone of The Donald - those hands, those hands... YAM xx

  3. I think the pons have the right idea- ignore the politics and enjoy carrots and walks in the fields.

    1. I totally agree with you! That's the approach I've taken for some time now.

  4. As far as Anthony Scaramucci, as Freddie Mercury (Queen) sang, "Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?" that was appropriately followed by "Very, very frightening". Of course those last words can apply to so much of what's happening in our politics.

    Good to read that Sophie's "bionic knees" are doing their job!

  5. I read your blog to cancel out the all the insanity of American's just unbelievable 😳

  6. A fine picture of Sophie on her excellent walk. I'd like titanium joints, please.
    Sad news about the store closings.

  7. Dear dear Angus, I am a political junkie. Marco Rubio is one of the two senators from my state of Florida, not my choice I have to add, but someone who is in our press daily for so many of his inactions/wrong actions/hypocritical actions. Nothig like our favorite dogs!!! How very very odd to find him on your blog. And then accompanied by the new "mini-me" for you know who. Thank doG you spared Ms. Sophie from his vulgar rant!!! xxxxx

  8. So glad you protected Mlle Sophie's delicate sensibilities from (what I've seen described as) those mobbed-up, two-bit gangsters. And it's only been (!) six months. I think we could all use some ear-scritches about now.