Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The owls have been out late. They're still screeching and fluttering in the plane trees as we head off  for our morning walk. Three cars go by on the lane - one after the other. This is a most unusual occurrence. The PONs watch this automotive cavalcade with tail waving interest. Sophie stands on her hind legs at the gate ( I wish she wouldn't do that ) and squeaks with excitement.

The two young horses in the field by the stream have now got used to seeing Bob and Sophie. As we approach they trot over to the strand of wire that functions as a fence . Bob ignores them. Sophie who has run ahead suddenly realizes how big the horses are and how exposed she is and comes hurrying back. What looks small at a distance can look so different close up. Perspective can be such a difficult thing.

On our return Angus sets about topping up the swimming pool. Despite having freshly filled water bowls both PONs take delight in drinking from the leaking hosepipe valve . In fact they'll only drink from the leaking hosepipe valve . Bob drinks silently. Sophie makes loud slurping noises. She then walks back into the house - water dripping from her chin.

This morning an early trip to the wine merchants for some Pomerol. Bob and Sophie are in two minds about the wine store. The attractive and knowledgeable young lady behind the counter chats to them and tickles their chins. This is good. Sadly, however, she has nothing to offer in the way of baked goods. This is bad. Sophie gives her a grumpy stare.

Out on the storm drain Bob and Angus discuss the trials and tribulations of Jeff Sessions. Angus points out that New Zealand, Australia, Canada and now the UK all have female Chief Justices.  As well as having a woman heading the judiciary the UK also has a female Head of State and a female Head of Government.

Everyhting you needed to know about the Georgia Peach :


Coppa's girl said...

Dogs and a leaky hosepipe valve - the perfect combination here, too !

WFT Nobby said...

Intersting question - how the canine brain interprets perspective.
Note also in Scotland we have a female First Minister and a female leader of the opposition. (But part of me wonders if it's because all the men have decided that the real power reside in global corporations and finance, where female leader are far less prominent...)
Cheers, Gail.

MOPL said...

In Australia we also have 2 female Premiers of State. NSW and Queensland.
Is the Pomerol you acquired a bordeaux, just that the region produces quality bordeaux and wondered if they produced others as well

Angus said...

We're eighty miles or so from St.Emilion which is the nearest town to the Pomerol vineyards. They have some truly great wines but many are sold locally by small family farms that are less commercial than the wines like Petrus. Our wine merchant gets hold of these 'family' wines.

Angus said...

Water always tastes best when its served dripping.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh Sophie, reassure Angus you are now Bionic Diva and will stand if you want to!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Sheila said...

Here in Texas we usually get crates of Georgia peaches, but this year nary a one. Peaches are one of my most favorite fruits; however. it's always a game of chance to find really good ones, especially if they have been shipped from afar.
On a different subject: Ross Douthat, one of the NYTimes few conservative columnists has written a blistering piece about Trump today...sorry I can't provide direct link.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Thank you for the link on the Georgia Peach. Having lived my entire existence in the state of Georgia, I now realize I have taken the Peach for granted. In my mind, there is no other Peach that smells or taste as heavenly as a Georgia Peach. Not to mention the icon the Peach has become. I recently found a tin picture of a peach, with my grandfathers face, as a young boy, in the middle of the Peach. Until now I thought only girls were "Georgia Peaches". Growing up, if you asked someone how they were, the answer was usually "Peachy Keen"! The on going debate is, how many Peachtree Streets are there in Atlanta? One thing I do know, Sophie is a Georgia Peach in every sense of the word!!!

Emm said...

You could point out to Bob that US voters did elect a woman as head of state, by nearly three million votes. However, others said Nyet.
Your excursion to the wine merchant's sent me off to do some look-ups on things like Pomerol.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Bob is such a great companion to discuss world affairs with.