Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Head for Lincoln.

Early morning decisions. Bob is faced with the challenge of sharing the back of the car with rucksacks and cases. Being highly adaptable he finds an almost flat corner and snuggles down. 

Today Bob goes to the station. He watches the arrival of the regional train from behind the safety of my legs. He takes the unloading of the car and the departure of our house guests in his stride. During this first wave of visitors we have once again marveled at the generational divide and discovered that 1) If you're going to Nebraska head for Lincoln. The night life there is years ahead of Fargo's 2)  If on a hot date you can get the best 'bound to impress with your sophistication' French Kiss Martini ( Vodka, pineapple juice and raspberry liqueur ) at La Taverne in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and 3) There is a sure fire way of catching catfish with your hands but don't try it with Gar fish.

In the greengrocer two novelties. Black garlic from Spain ( smells more potent than the locally grown variety ) and fresh turmeric. We buy some turmeric.

On the way home an accident on the motorway. I take my hat off to the emergency services but have severe doubts about parents that slow to a crawl and let young children see things that young children shouldn't see.

A walk through the sunflower fields before the sun rises and the mercury climbs. Two deer bolt out of the trees ten yards ahead of us and charge through the sunflowers. They're quite invisible but the crack-crack of the sunflower stems as they plough through them tells Bob he has company.

A warning about walking on glaciers and proof that life is stranger - much stranger - than fiction . As the bodies were 'perfectly preserved' you could assume that glaciers are gentle stewards :


  1. Glad that Bob found space in amongst the luggage, it wouldn't do for the family fellow to miss out on a trip to see the trains.
    I've been told that the black garlic can be quite bitter compared to the normal variety, though I've not yet tried it.
    Can we assume that Sophie stayed with 'The Font' and supervised in the kitchen?

    1. If ever there was any doubt that we have two different characters then Bob is the guardian of the back of the car and Sophie is the mistress of the kitchen .

  2. Hari om
    Never mind the kids, no one ought to see some things; just don't understand voyeurism on the roads... fresh turmeric is yum! YAM xx

  3. Tasting black garlic is on my wish list. In this corner of the world it is normal garlic that has been heated slowly over several days until it caramelizes and turns black. It is supposed to be delicious. But then again turmeric is meant to have wonderful anti-inflamatory properties. Bob is an absolutely delightful fellow.

  4. Looks like 'The Font' is going to have enough fresh turmeric to last through Christmas. I simply cannot think of a worse fate than to be trapped in a crevasse. How they must have worried about those seven children awaiting them. At least they were together.

  5. It is interesting that the black garlic comes from Spain, but the label is written in German.
    I am unimpressed with the Lincoln nightlife scene. Very university. Omaha is where it's at.

  6. Your young visitors certainly get around :) Fascinating news article - reminiscent of the plot line in the recent movie 45 years...

  7. The culinary choices available to you never cease to amaze.
    Somehow, Fargo is not what springs to mind when someone mentions "nightlife". But whaddo I know.

  8. Never been to or through Nebraska...not even on the bucket list.

  9. What do you do with the turmeric root? I use the powder!