Monday, July 3, 2017

Incoming !

The PONs return from their morning walk to find 'The Font' up and about and in the garden. Bob suffers from a joy overload and hurtles across the lawn. Sophie finds it impossible to contain her happiness and howls. PONs, it must be said, are a 'highly' demonstrative breed. They are also somewhat ungainly when moving at high speed.

This morning I came across this quote from Churchill's Fulton, Missouri speech: " The earth is a generous mother. She will provide in plentiful abundance food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil in justice and peace ".

That thought and the enthusiasm of two shaggy companions are an excellent way to start a July Monday morning.


  1. There is no better welcome than one from the family dog.

  2. What a wonderful picture! Bob seems to have all four paws off the ground.
    And an excellent quote from Churchill with a big “if” in the middle.

  3. "Incoming" is what I yell from the front door when Osa zooms in, full speed, to find her favorite person - my husband!

    1. A warning that 25 kilos of flying PON followed by a PONette are inbound.

  4. Last night there was screaming from a bad dream. I awoke quickly to discover Bailey Bob draped over the dreamer, in protective mode. True dog love!

  5. Joy overload in the simple things of life...oh, to be a PON.

  6. The quote from Churchill is a good thought for today.

    *Glad the package arrived. I wonder what the post-lady would have thought if she'd seen what was inside? We also have a mixed reaction to the "treats."