Wednesday, September 15, 2021


'The Font' takes the flight back to London (  there is only one a day rather than the pre-pandemic four ) and is amazed to find that the immigration hall at Heathrow is empty. As in completely empty.  There are 36 e-readers available which means the journey from aircraft to taxi is completed in exactly four minutes. This has to be some sort of record. It goes without saying that no one checks the various forms and Covid test certificates that have been so expensively and laboriously compiled. 

This morning Sophie follows me round the garden. The family diva clearly thinks she presents an intimidating presence to any garden intruders. Angus is less sure that her deterrent persona is all she thinks it is.

C-A-T is busy on the log piles in the barn.  It is hunting for field mice and is unaware of our presence. We are now in peak field mouse season as they attempt to migrate from the sunflower fields into the warmth and security of The Rickety Old Farmhouse. For once the village C-A-T-S are seen as a blessing.

Cloudy this morning but despite the early hour it's already a heavy 20 degrees. A thunderstorm is sure to follow.

E-mail of the day. Scroll down to the chocolate hound :


Lisa in France said...

I'm not sure I could actually bring myself to eat that cake, no matter how much I love the combination of hazelnut and chocolate.

WFT Nobby said...

Four minutes through Heathrow must indeed be a world record. I could go off on a lengthy rant about the gap between rhetoric about protecting the UK borders and the apparent complete failure to conduct useful checks on people coming into the country through our flagship airport, but I'll spare you...

Coppa's girl said...

Having read recent varying reports about air travel and airport security etc., I think I'll give flying a miss. At least from here Inca and I can get in the car and drive. We're lucky that we shan't be in any hurry and just choose our destinations with more caution than usual.
Now that Patisserie is something I can relate to, but I'd just keep the hound in the freezer and occasionally take it out to admire!