Sunday, October 3, 2021

Blue icing

A strong wind from the mountains blows away all night. This means that the black and white C-A-T and its friends opt to sleep in the shelter of the downstairs terrace. At some point in the wee hours Sophie becomes aware of their presence. Was it their smell or did she hear them ?  There is a 'howling'. Angus is dispatched to deal with the situation.

A start of day trip to the bakers for something to finish off Sunday lunch. We opt for a simple Lemon Meringue pie. A chocolate and coffee cake is dismissed as being too heavy. Some thought is given to the bakers new line in blue Tahiti Vanilla eclairs but blue is too off putting at this time in the morning.

Sophie ambles off for a gentle drink from the stream.

Followed by a brisk 'stretch those titanium joints' walk along the valley floor. 

On our way home the radio informs us that  this years pear harvest will be 30% below the levels seen last year.  A wet and cold spell at spring germination time is said to be the cause. There is also a segment about electric cars . Seems that the taxman is waking up to the fact that the loss of fuel duty is going to create a huge hole in the governments budget plans. Other taxes will have to rise. Every 1 million people who switch to electric cars costs the taxman E5.2 billion in lost revenues. 

Another e-mail about a new hotel. This time in Paris :


  1. Good to see a bakery selection again. I agree about the blue ├ęclairs, and the chocolate cake is one I'd reserve for an 'after a long bike ride' situation!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS There are a lot of smug electric car drivers in the SE of England just now. Perhaps I should say 'even smugger'.

    1. Yes. 'Range anxiety' is something now shared by diesel and petrol drivers - electric car owners on the other hand have that ' I told you so' superiority. The root canal guy was a Tesla owner.

    2. To date, the only people I know who have electric cars also have very high consumption lifestyles (and probably a second car running on hydrocarbons).

  2. We agree that blue is definitely the least attractive food colour (for humans and C-A-T-S). F learned sometime in the past that nature planned it that way - blue things 'tend' to be poisonous. The eclairs are probably delicious but the blue does them no favours.

  3. Such vivid blue eclairs - not a colour you normally associate with patisserie, unless it's a five year old's birthday cake. What unusual colour will the baker present you with next?
    Your mention of the root canal guy reminds me of the news clip I saw yesterday about a tiger having three hour root canal work. Seems you got off lightly Angus!

  4. The building I live in is in the process of installing electric car chargers. The blue is a little odd,

  5. Ah, but with a blue eclair and a small baiser rouge cake and its white chocolate decoration, you could show your affiliation with a number of western countries...

  6. Hari OM
    LOL - I was just saying to my sister the other day (as we are both pondering e-vehicles) that the UKGov's "no VED" incentive to purchasers of all electric is not likely to last much beyond five years once they realise the loss in revenue to them!!! YAM xx