Sunday, October 10, 2021

Too focused to notice.

A cloudy Sunday morning in France profonde. Sophie and Angus do an early morning tour of the village. As we walk Angus talks to his companion about the resignation of the Austrian Chancellor on corruption allegations. We then move on to the Polish Supreme Courts ruling that some aspects of the EU treaty are at odds with the Polish Constitution. Sophie listens intently to both issues but I have a suspicion she's more interested in the tantalizing scents that have appeared on the verges overnight.

Back at home Sophie waits for 'The Font' to finish with the glass yogurt pot. Then she's loaded into the back of the car en route to the good bakers. This morning we have to wait for the croissants to come out of the oven. When the bakers wife brings them to our table they're so hot that Sophie has to sit and wait for them to cool down. Patience , when it comes to waiting for croissant ends, is not something that comes naturally to my shaggy companion. She shuffles from one side to the other and emits barely perceptible bleating noises.

The bakers wife might be pregnant again. I base this observation purely on the fact that the display cabinet is suddenly full of rather mundane chocolate products that look as though they might be there to meet a 'craving'.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse no need to guess who is in the process of making themselves comfortable . Sophie is too focused on rushing indoors to see if the yogurt pot has refilled itself to notice.

 This seems a very sensible way of post pandemic eating. Dining as it will be ? :


WFT Nobby said...

Readers are left wondering if the croissant was worth waiting for. Perhaps the view of PONette and master differ on this?

Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, you may be right about the baker's wife, Angus - what a lack-lustre selection. Will you now have to endure her rather indifferent approach to baking, over her "waiting" months, or find somewhere else? Nothing there for anyone like me, who doesn't care much for chocolate.
I found the video for the scenic supper rather irritating - so much busy background that I didn't bother to explore further.
Inca wants to know if the yoghurt pot filled itself? She also wants Sophie to know that she has to contend with three
female C-A-T-S who have become a permanent fixture in her garden. They have recently had a "little op", at great expense to her human, who now assures her that there shouldn't be any additions - no matter how pretty the two kittens are!

Poppy Q said...

I think the cats yours now.

Lisa in France said...

I usually can't understand what you are talking about when you suggest a particular bakery display is not up to expectations, but today it's hard to argue. On the other hand, the croissant looks very promising.

Travel said...

Heavenly and fresh from the oven, the way she should always be treated.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey C-A-T... welcome to the ROF!!! YAM xx

rottrover said...

I'm beginning to fall for Sassy C-A-T!

Jim Davis said...

Becoming abundantly clear that the C-A-T has adopted you. :)