Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Rich hunting.

Sophie's day starts off well but takes a turn for the worse as a herd of boisterous young cows head towards us. All pretense at sitting on the storm drain and putting the world to rights disappears. The young cows are at that month old age where their movements are rapid, inelegant and enthusiastic. They demonstrate an uncoordinated joy for life.

We're soon past this inquisitive audience and as far as Sophie is concerned things are looking brighter. The family diva is congratulated for dipping into her reservoir of bravery.

At the cafe a good, if not outstanding, croissant. Probably an hour and a half out of the oven. I give it 8.5/10. Sophie gives it a 12. We are the only ones to venture outside onto the cafe terrace in these 10 degree temperatures.

A detour to the frozen food store for some petit pois. Today, there is a special on American snacks.

Back home to The Rickety Old Farmhouse. C-A-T is sitting on the terrace enjoying the warmth of the morning sun . I'd like to think C-A-T had formed some type of empathy with us but 'The Font' has seen a field mouse in the kitchen and I saw one scurry through the front door. C-A-T may have discovered that the environs of The Rickety Old Farmhouse are rich hunting grounds for native varieties of mouse seeking the warmth of central heating.

 Would you enjoy this ? : https://www.belmond.com/trains/europe/uk/belmond-british-pullman/  

Beeswax candles that burn without oily smoke are increasingly hard to find : https://thebearslarder.co.uk/product-category/home/page/2/


Lisa in France said...

C-A-T looks very satisfied whatever he or she may be dining on. When we were in our twenties, my brother and I traveled by train from Montreal to Vancouver and back, and that was lots of fun, but it was a strictly economy experience and I always dreamed of taking the Orient Express. Now that I might have the time and the resources to actually do it, however, I find the appeal is diminishing - it seems like an activity for "older people". Seeing your photos of the Picard American snacks made me realize that if we do actually move to France, we will finally be able to try their Japanese specialties.

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie, those young cows just wanted to play!
The Pullman service is obviously aimed mainly at any foreign visitors who manage to make it to the UK. The food looks inviting, but how many of we Brits still have memories of the British Rail buffet sandwich! To me a train journey is still for getting me to wherever I want to go, and however fine the dining, it doesn't appeal when the countryside is rushing by at top speed.

Poppy Q said...

Cat looks like he/she is getting very comfortable.

Travel said...

Sophie, don't worry about the cows, you are ten times smarter than they are.

WFT Nobby said...

I'm afraid C-A-T is looking for a relationship that is purely transactional..

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
With mice running throughout, C-A-T needs to become also a house feline...

I adore train travel. But not at four figures cost. All the trips for the Scotsman already sold out to April next year - at five figures!!! Per person. There is something just a tad wrong about that. YAM xx