Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bovine matters.

There's a strong mountain wind this morning. It whistles round The Rickety Old Farmhouse like a shutter rattling banshee. Sophie has got to that stage in life where a strong wind is a signal to remain curled up in the warmth just that little bit longer. I wander downstairs, turn on the lights and find the PONette dozing comfortably on the floor of the library. Her tail wags but I pretend not to have noticed.

After a few minutes Sophie saunters into the kitchen to let me know that she's ready to go out. There is an enthusiastic start of the day greeting, my yogurt pot is licked cleaner than any dishwasher ever could and then we head off down the ox track to the waterfall and the little stream. As we go we discuss the sad Alec Baldwin story. Today, the young cows in the field by the crossroads are given  the ' If I don't look at you , you're not there ' cold shoulder treatment. As we pass them Sophie also picks up her pace, just in case.  Angus is carefully herded into a position between the family diva and a particularly audacious cow  that wanders over to greet her. A girl can never be too prudent when it comes to bovine matters.

The heating is now on and it's probable that some time in the next week we shall light our first autumn fire .

So starts a quiet Saturday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde. A trip to the bakers for some curly croissant ends now beckons.

18,000 people live in this one apartment complex. What must the wait for an elevator be like ? :



Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, poor Sophie. the audaciousness of those cows! A couple of curly croissant ends will surely help restore her equanimity!
Not so much as a sliver of croissant for Inca today. It's raining again - the second day we've had torrential downpours, so we shan't be meeting a friend at the beach for our usual al fresco Saturday breakfast. Yesterday we were lucky enough to get back from our morning walk just as the heavens opened - today we're not even considering putting our noses out of doors until the ground has dried.
Your mention of heating reminds me that it's time to start chasing up the installation of a new oil storage tank, have the radiators flushed through, the heating boiler serviced, then we'll hopefully be good to go!
We desperately need rain, but why does it have to be of such biblical proportions!

WFT Nobby said...

Gail and Bertie have also reached the 'curl up for a bit longer' stage on waking up to howling winds.

Travel said...

Delightful start for the weekend,

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yup, the howling winds are battering the Hutch, too. So far, have resisted putting the heating on though. Just add another layer of clothing. YAM xx

Sharon said...

I can't imagine living in that apartment building. It looks like a canyon. I hope they have more than one elevator bank. Temperature here today in Ontario Canada is 2C wind chill -2C, sun shining. Poor Sophie. It must be scary with that cow looming over her. She is so brave. She needs to be rewarded with more yogurt pots and croissant ends.

Stephanie said...

Sophie is wise; those cows may be pretending to be docile. Angus, you've spoiled us; I'm missing pictures of C-A-T.