Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Non existent

Wet and windy outside. Sophie, who is usually up by six, opts to sleep in a little later. She keeps her eyes firmly closed in the belief that if she can't see me I don't exist.

By the time we get back from the river The Old Farmer is up and about. Today, despite the rain, is a day for working on the venerable Ford Transit motor home. The brake pads are checked and the engine turned over. He informs me that he's taking it for a spin to the supermarket in the market town. ' The open road will soon blow the cobwebs away '. Angus can't help but think that blowing the cobwebs away from the motor homes interior might be a good idea. This however is probably not what is meant. 

I've noticed of late that our neighbour seems to have developed strange hours. Last night his house was completely dark until ten when , suddenly, every light was switched on. 'The Font' thinks he dozes off in front of his new widescreen television  and then wakes up and makes something to eat. This is a routine that is repeated through the night.  Yesterday morning he had the lights on in his garage , and the Mercedes up on a ramp at five thirty. 

After our chat with The Old Farmer Sophie heads off to the zinc bath under the pomegranate tree for a lengthy drink.

Windows down song of the day :


Lisa in France said...

That top photo looks like something one of the Old Masters might have painted. And you've oddly answered a question that came up in our household just yesterday. We have a pomegranate tree out on our terrace, with two beautiful (but based on past experience, inedible) fruit this year. We have been talking about possibly spending a year in France, and my husband was musing whether it is possible to grow pomegranates there - and now we know!

WFT Nobby said...

A relief at least to know that the Old Farmer is keeping the motorhome brakes in good order.

Angus said...

Most things will grow somewhere in France. Pomegranates seem to thrive here with our mixture of sunshine and rain. Go a hundred miles north and the frosts would kill them.

Angus said...

Driving 35 year old vehicles onto a ramp so you can check underneath them may not be such a good idea when you're 91 rolling on 92.

Coppa's girl said...

In the first photo Sophie looks as though defending the castle gates is just too much!
By the time we have reached the Old Farmer's age, I doubt any of us will care what hours we keep. My mother lived into her 90's (as did her mother) and she would keep irregular hours quite frequently. Her reasoning was that she had the "long sleep" ahead of her and she'd rather enjoy her remaining time awake.

Travel said...

Wise dog sleeping in, and the world does not exist if I can not see it.