Saturday, October 2, 2021

Une fin de semaine venteuse

A quiet morning in a quiet village in a very quiet part of France. The first of the autumn mists line the valley floor. 

While their mothers look on a group of very young calves peer at us from the birthing field.

The  unharvested sunflower fields looking past their best. Perhaps they'll be cut later today ?

Then it's across country as the sun rises. Sophie leads the way to the Holy Oak ...

.... and then up the ox track to the church and home. This is Sophie's world and what a glorious world it is. After forty five minutes the mist has burnt off and the sun is out. Angus gets the ' Do hurry up !' look. Breakfast and adventures await.

Tentative plans, more thoughts than action at this stage, to go here in California although booking requires skill  :


Lisa in France said...

I think that Sophie is becoming steadily more photogenic, to go along with your new phone. The photo of the Covid-19 memorial is devestating - one of the great mysteries is how so many people in the US seemingly remain blind to the danger notwithstanding 700,000 dead. I wonder what historians will think of all this looking back. Meanwhile, your idea of visiting Single Thread Farm, and Sonoma, is a great one. My husband and I first visited Healdsburg when our kids were doing summer camps at UC Berkeley during high school. We ended up later buying a house in Geyserville, about ten minutes north. We've never lived there, and now it seems we may never live there (too many fires too close), but it's been my fantasy home in the country for the past five years. Single Thread is a great restaurant, and they are also good people - provided lots of food for the firefighters when there was a big brush fire nearby two years ago.

Travel said...

Such a sweet little dogie and such a pretty place

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Was the air moist, that it kept the furs in place today, Sophie-cher??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Coppa's girl said...

Yes, Sophie has a very determined look about her today!
The restaurant, and inn, look very inviting, and for once I find the food particularly appealing - it all looks so pretty. Often photos of food leave me without an appetite! Sadly it's too far from home these days to plan a visit.