Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The stoic PONette.

Good morning from Sophie who is full of beans and ready to get her day started.  Today, for the first time there's a hint of winter, rather than autumn,  in the morning air. By the end of the week the heating will be on . For a PON this is perfect weather. The Old Mayor stops to say that he set the first fire of the year in his kitchen grate so we're not alone in noting this turn in the weather.

No less than three e-mails this morning suggesting I place Christmas orders now to avoid possible 'shortages'. Whoever would have thought that supply chains would become a topic of conversation to rival the weather ? Post Brexit Britain is a place of surprises.

After a trot along the valley floor we climb back up the ox track to The Rickety Old Farmhouse. Sophie is in need of a grooming. Mud is removed from paw pads and long hair plucked from ears. This later procedure is the cause of much stoic sighing and irritated squirming. Dogs like children, are unhappy recipients of that time worn phrase ' It's for your own good'.

After her grooming it's time to head off for a visit to the frozen food store. Today we marvel at frozen frogs legs and frozen Mochis.

Rather mundanely we restrict our purchases to a bag of frozen peas.

By now the tepid sun is out and it's 10 degrees. Once again dog and master are the only ones who will venture outdoors onto the cafe patio. This mornings croissant a more than adequate 8.8/10 although it seems to have suffered in its post oven treatment and is rather battered. Sophie scores it 12/10 but wonders why croissant ends seem to be so skimpy.

Black and white C-A-T is having a nap in a flower border by the front door. Sophie is oblivious to its presence. Black and white C-A-T has taken to giving me a ' You might at least bring out a saucer of milk' look.

So starts another day of high adventure with a Polish Lowland Sheepdog in a part of the world where nothing, but nothing, ever happens.

Our journey along the motorway is accompanied by this 1950's classic on Radio Nostalgie :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3-E9JebDtU


WFT Nobby said...

One feels the physical appearance of the croissant shouldn't matter but somehow it does, at least a bit.
I found it impossible not to watch the Everly Brothers video and gasp at how our world has altered in my lifetime...
Cheers, Gail (feeling old this morning, but at least I recognised the song!)

Coppa's girl said...

Your description of Sophie's grooming reminds me that we are shortly meeting up with friends, one of whom has a new dog. We're going to introduce Inca to Maria, and then take them for a walk. Possibly the first of many if they get on well together. Before we go I must give Inca a good groom, though being shorthaired perhaps she won't have to suffer so stoically.
Will watch the Everly Brothers video later - I used to have the record as an old 78 plastic - it was sooo long ago! But I do remember some of the lyrics!

Lisa in France said...

It is a very pretty C-A-T and seems to have great composure. Mochi ice creams have also recently appeared in our supermarket (although not our local Picard, which apparently does not carry food from Japon). My kids will have nothing to do with it, as they consider it to be a purely Hawaiian delicacy.

Travel said...

Mochi can be quite good, the C-A-T would probably enjoy one.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...and I am might have to start a 'book' on how long Angus can resist C-A-T's pleas for saucers of anything... YAM xx

EAS said...

I see the C-A-T’s look as more of a “ you might as well give me a name AND a saucer of milk - I’m here to stay” look. No pressure.

Stephanie said...

The C-A-T is beautiful and has great character; I'm in favor of the saucer of milk. Perhaps cream?