Monday, October 25, 2021

Mexican vibe

A Monday start of day promenade round the shopping centre. How chic is that ? Someone has dropped a partially eaten ( and by now exceedingly stale ) Big Mac on the ground in front of a waste paper bin. Sophie makes a bee line for it at high speed . A sliver of cold pickle is scooped up and held triumphantly in her jaws for all the world to see.

My shaggy companion is not at all happy when it's suggested she  leave it well alone. The remains of the Big Mac are 'liberated' and dumped in the bin. I am given that ' Why are you such a misery ?' look. We head off for some shared croissant to help alleviate the loss of the burger patty. Sophie makes it sulkily plain that in the scheme of things nothing , not even a curly croissant end, compensates fully for the loss of a cold burger patty.

Fresh olives show up in the greengrocers together with some just harvested local garlic.

The Halloween decorations have grown over the weekend. The corner between the pickles and bananas has taken on what is presumably a Mexican barrio vide. A faux lace tablecloth battles with a green patio umbrella and some grass fronds for dominance.

Angus, being rather averse to the commercial excesses of Halloween, notes that the flowers might be fresher. Perhaps they'll be replaced later today ? There again perhaps they're supposed to be faded in a memento mori type way . Am I alone in thinking the skull looks rather like Hitler ?

 The best terrace in Florence ? :


Lisa in France said...

These French Halloween displays are definitely a bit . . . unusual. Halloween may be a better fit for Japan, where no one would miss out on the opportunity to dress up in costume. In normal years, our neighborhood is Halloween central, with apartment buildings setting up haunted houses in their lobbies and hordes of little kids rampaging through the streets for a few hours. I'm afraid it's going to be quiet again this year, however.

Coppa's girl said...

Oh Angus, you are a meanie - how could you deprive the family Diva of such a fabulous find! Curly croissant ends certainly wouldn't compensate for the loss of a stale burger patty in this household either! Inca and I have similar issues over a concrete hard ancient piece of naan bread that seems to keep reappearing on our walk, no matter how far I throw it into the undergrowth! Is a pigeon in league with her do you think?
That Halloween display is certainly weird, and I wonder whose mother is missing a lace tablecloth and part of a tea-set?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Not just Halloween, the commercialisation (and invention) around many originally religious events I found quite deplorable. But of course now there is an entire generation that knows no better. Angus is not alone in his aversion - or interpration of that grotesque face! YAM xx

Anonymous said...

I can say with pretty much 100% certainty that leftover Big Mac on the road is a pretty good find - Our crew would definitely agree with Sophie, and would look for it for days afterwards. It's just how they roll.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Kim - Life at Golden Pines - from work, waiting for her patient.

Travel said...

Fresh olives, don’t they need some kind of pickling or curing to be edible?

rottrover said...

I would have an express and a pastry on that terrace any time. Then lunch. Then a cocktail. Soon appetizers and of course an evening meal. I might even get up walk around, but I'm not sure. A beautiful place to hang out.