Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Bright and clear on the ridge but banks of thick mist on the road to the bakers.

By the time we're back home the mist has burnt off and Sophie is in a happy 'skip' along mood.

Angus is sitting by his desk when there's a loud thump at the window. It's loud enough for Sophie to come hurtling up the stairs in vocal mood to see what's going on.  A bird has flown into the glass. There's a small round bullet like hole where the beak has broken through.  I assume it's perished in the process but there's no sign of it on the ground outside. Could it have, improbably, stunned itself and flown away ? The window pane was original to the house. Over the centuries the glass has run and was now gloriously uneven. There is a tradesman in the local market town who sources old 'run' glass. I shall call him to come and replace it. In the meantime a strip of sellotape covers the hole.

The Old Farmer wanders over to ask me what all the excitement is about. You know you live in a quiet place when a bird flying into a pane of glass is considered 'excitement'. Today our old neighbour will be working on his motor home. The fibre glass roof paneling has a few cracks that require filling and sanding. Not an activity that most 91 year olds would be considering. I offer to help him bring out the ladder but he rather grumpily informs me that he's 'quite capable of doing it himself'.

'The Font' is in the early stages of preparing for Christmas. The hideous Shaker candle sticks that were bought from an antique store in San Francisco forty years ago are brought out of the cellar and put on the table in the dining room. They were exorbitantly priced then and remain  large, heavy and impractical now. Not what you would expect from Shakers. Angus thinks the dining room should be renovated but 'The Font' thinks the early 19th century decor is worth retaining. Angus points out where two centuries of moths and mice have been busy on the wall fabric but his opinion is dismissed. Angus takes solace in the fact that we won't have to pay for builders and painters.

A comedy take on Scandinavian crime drama on Netflix. Is Norwegian. Swedish or Icelandic the bleakest ? :https://twitter.com/i/status/1346764056284151809

Our windows down, PON ears flying morning music on the car radio :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XovZ04gmQgE


Lisa in France said...

The hole in the glass is amazing. I hope the bird did miraculously survive and that you are able to find a suitable replacement for the glass. I kind of like the Shaker candle sticks, at least as a seasonal ornament. And, as I recall, your readers have in past seasons been mostly (unamimously?) on the Font's side with regard to the dining room question. It's lovely.

Coppa's girl said...

The dining room d├ęcor is as it should be in a house as old as the ROF. Any replacement would spoil the ambience of the room. The Shaker candlesticks are certainly a talking point, and you need high ceilings to display them to best advantage.
The bird must have been travelling at quite a speed to make a hole in the glass. I do hope it's survived, and it's headache doesn't cause double vision.
Had to laugh at the comedy take on the Netflix Scandi-noir drama. I think the answer to your question is yes!

WFT Nobby said...

How sad that the centuries old pane of glass should come to such an ending. I too hope the bird recovered.
As for the dining room decor, I am gong to break ranks and side with Angus here. The grey wall paper is to my mind a tad dingy.
Cheers! Gail.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I have experienced several bird v window events; in not a one did the pane get damaged and on every occasion, the bird was to be found stunned below, but always able to gather its wits after an hour or two and take to the wing. This one must have been going like a golf ball... but even those tend to stick around as evidence! YAM xx

Travel said...

Wow, quite a bird strike. I wouldn't change a thing in the dinning room.

Camille said...

Is it hunting season in your part of France? Stray bullets can travel quite a distance depending on the caliber. Otherwise, that must have been the Hulk Hogan of the bird kingdom. I like the candlesticks but it appears you'll need to borrow TOF ladder to put in the remaining candles and light them up.

Jean said...

Who would have thought that a bird could make a hole like that?! I hope the poor thing survived, albeit with a headache. We had to stick bird stickers on one of our upstairs windows. Birds crashed into it frequently, seeing the wood opposite reflected in the glass. The stickers are bit naff but at least they do deter the birds and we have had no more corpses to clear up.

Jean said...

I meant to add that I rather like your shaker candlesticks, they're quite unique!

rottrover said...

Hopefully the stunned bird did not meet up with Sassy C-A-T!