Friday, October 15, 2021

Borderline oblivious.

A sunny start to the day. While Angus checks the irrigation system Sophie guards the front door.

On our first walk of the day the young cows wander over to see us. Sophie is not overjoyed to see them. Our pace picks up.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse C-A-T is enjoying the warmth of the morning sunshine. C-A-T doesn't seemly overly alarmed by the presence of a ferocious dog in the house. In fact I'd say C-A-T was completely untroubled/ borderline oblivious to my canine companions presence. I don't have the heart to tell Sophie this news.

We're eating inside again. The weather nippy if not cold. Angus opens some wine for lunch. Opening a bottle three hours ahead of time makes all the difference. Sophie monitors me closely in the hope/belief that biscuits must surely be involved. Later this morning, and before lunch, Angus will take the dog car in for its service. I know it's time for a service because the dashboard has a doom laden message telling me how many kilometres I can go before 'attention is required'.



Coppa's girl said...

Perhaps the young cows are just curious to find out who or what Sophie is, and how she managed to escape the confines of her field?
Very blustery on our walk along by the sea this morning and there's a feel of autumn in the air, but there are still sunbathers on the beach and brave souls in the sea.
Who can blame the C-A-T for being oblivious to Sophie - it looks extremely comfortable. The C-A-T-S that have "adopted" us, and our garden, lie on the top of the pool cover housing in the sun, and the other day I managed to get a photo of all three of them looking very much at home!

Travel said...

It is good to hear Sophie's transport is being well taken care of, she is such a diva. I think the C-A-T is very much a part of the household by now.

WFT Nobby said...

How kind of Angus to protect dear Sophie's fragile ego. She is perhaps under the delusion that C-A-T is paralysed with fear.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
C-A-T- has to guard the ROF while Sophie is out checking the perimeter... But Mlle Sophie - you miss out by not making pals with the cattle; they are really quite fun when you get to know them! YAM xx

Iza said...

A stray white and black cat, who looks just as 'yours', visits our backyard every day. She might have found mice that hide under our hydrangeas and deck. We couldn't be happier to see an animal in our yard again (along with a bunny that find clover here). She visits more frequently since our PON passed, but isn't as confident as your cat. She runs away whenever my little girls show interest, even from behind the glass door. My Ponette would have chased her just as yours and just as clumsily.