Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday : The very end of October

The clocks change. No one tells Sophie. Our six am tour of the garden undertaken at five.  Some routines cannot be changed.

Sunrise. Sophie disappears, at high speed, into the garden. She has seen or heard something that requires her undivided attention and the full on application of her PONette hunting skills. There is the sound of branches snapping as she pursues a path through, rather than round, the box hedge. By the time I've brought the car up she's sitting quasi patiently with that unmistakable 'What kept you ?' look on her face.

More and more types of pumpkins make their seasonal debut in the greengrocers. We've passed that point in the year where winter and Christmas seemed distant .

Back in the village The Old Farmer is out and about on his lawn tractor. He's taken to cutting his lawn once a day which indicates, to me, that he's bored. 

Last night I found our neighbour sitting dozing on the chair on his balcony. He'd fallen asleep in the sunset and was still there when the village street lights came on. I slam the front gate loudly three times. On the third slam he wakens and I see him stand up and wander indoors out of the cold. That's all I need to know. We are at that stage where we quietly check on him two or three times a day. He for his part remains obdurately independent. Being a watchful neighbour requires a light touch.

An Indian Diwali feel good advert. Tech and tradition together :

Golden oldie. Sunday morning music as we head home from the bakers , windows down, PONette ears flying  :


WFT Nobby said...

It seems the Old Farmer's lawn mower is a substitute for his motorhome. Well done for being the light touch neighbour.

Virginia said...

If all else failed you could ask Sophie to 'give voice' ... that would wake the Old Farmer, wouldn't it?

Coppa's girl said...

Last night I explained to Inca that the clocks would go back during the night, and that she'd have to wait an extra hour for her breakfast! She wasn't impressed, even when I told her that the garden cats would be waiting too. We compromised and were up and about at 6:30! Now we're waiting for the sun to make an appearance, and outdoors to warm up.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Thank you for that Diwali video... made me homesick for India; but this year at least I will have a friend come to stay for the celebration and have a reason to prepare some tasty food and light more than one lamp! YAM xx

Camille said...

Our time change will be on the 7th. One more week to go and then it's dark by 4 pm (sigh). Really enjoyed the Diwali advert. It's very kind of you to tactfully keep your eye on the old farmer, especially with colder weather coming on.

Travel said...

Thank you for watching out for the neighbor in an unobtrusive way. Time to roast a couple of pumpkins

Peter and Shelagh said...

We watch out for three neighbours, two of which live alone. We are ages 69 and 66 so we are the young ones. Peter has trudged through 2 feet of snow to knock on their doors because their seems to be to sign of life as to the driveway cleared etc. They appreciate the extra eye! Loved the song today as I only discovered my blogging friend passed away on Oct 22, cancer sadly took her. Enjoy the sunshine.

rottrover said...

The ROF looks splendid in the autumnal afternoon light. Were you ever able to locate a large-button remote for the OF's TV?